Reflective Essay: My Journey As A Teacher

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Being a teacher is a journey that has much to do with learning about yourself and being aware that what happens in your classroom reflects only on how are you with yourself. Teachers are not conscious that they project into students, and that affects how things go in the classroom. I believe the first characteristic of a good teacher is that he/ she is always willing to analyze his/her teaching performance. Second the teacher is humble enough to receive input about the development and application of techniques, learning from it and improving. Third is not being shy to ask peers or the psychology department for advice about something you are dealing with and trying it in the classroom. Fourth is to be patient with yourself, no one was born …show more content…

In the first days I got too angry with me if things did not go well, I cried all the first semester I started to be a teacher, it was just I did not feel secure and confident within me and students detect that in a moment, so they made it rough and a challenge that I simply had to master. By the second semester I taught crying stopped, of course I never cried in front of them just at home to myself. The point is for me I started in this business with no prior training after getting out from chemical engineering undergraduate school, so it took me about a whole year to figure it out. Later on by my own I started reading about teaching techniques, and blogs of teachers, and talked to my peers, and made a lot of mistakes on the way, still make them. It is just I learned it by doing it I did not go to a special school for them to show me how to be a teacher. I got some formal education about it in 2011 because teachers needed to get certified to keep on working because of some regulation the ministry of education made. And this certification I am taking by my own because I want to do what I do in English and also to able to teach English so I am getting two things done in

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