Reflective Essay: Improving My Academic Success

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Academic success to me is achieving good grades and understanding the material to get good grades. Academic success also means to have an good attendance. I already get mostly A’s and B’s, but I am not good at staying on top of things. To improve my academic success I will attend class more often, be more organized, pay attention in class, and not procrastinate. Attending class is important so I don't miss any assignments and get behind. Being in class is important because its proven that students are more likely to succeed when they have an good attendance. I do much better in school when I don't miss a lot of days. It is very easy to get behind in class when I don't show up. I do miss a lot of school because of sickness but I am going to try and go even when I don't feel good. Organization is important for academic success. Being organized is proven to lower stress. Organizing also makes it much easier to keep track of things. Organization is a huge problem for me. Often I find it hard to keep track of all my homework when my backpack is such a mess. To improve my organization I can first start by emptying out my backpack. Then I can throw away all of the old papers that I don't need. Next only keep the notebooks and folders that I use. I will have one …show more content…

Typically I wait until the last minute to do something. This often works but it is really stressful and probably not the best thing to do. Sometimes I will just never do the assignment. To improve these habits i'm going to start setting the deadline for these assignments an few days earlier then they are assigned. This way I can make myself do it before its due. For my math homework I usually do it all right before I have to turn it in even though I have an math lab to work on it. Math is already a hard subject for me and I never understand it. I am going to start doing my math homework in math lab, so I can make sure I understand the

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