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I am the type of person that has to make lists and use a planner. With school, BNC, and work things can get pretty crazy. I tried using the calender on my phone and then I tried just winging it but that was an epic fail. I learned even though it is a technical world and everything is electronically geared, I still need to handwrite things. If you look at my desk right now, you would see 4 different post it 's. A memo pad with a to do list and my monthly goals list for BNC. It may seem like chaos to an average eye but to me, my system works. Find Your System It is a little difficult to try and find what organization tools work best for you. It will be a little bit of trial and error at first, but it will all be worth it in the end. …show more content…

One for my academics and one for BNC. I started off just using the same one but it just ended up looking like a jumble mess and my OCD couldn 't handle it, so I decided to separate them both. In the mornings I take time to fix my coffee and go over each planner and figure out my tasks that I have set out for me that day. Color Coat Tasks For both of my planners, I have color coating system. For my academic planner, each one of my classes has a different color and my imprtnat due dates or tests are wrote in red. For my BNC planner, my posts are a certain color, the newsletter is in a certain color and the date that I am scheduled to post is written in red. This helps me figure out exactly what needs to be done. I can quickly glance at my planner and figure out what books or notebooks that I need without a second glance. Set an Alarm on your phone This has been a tremendous amount of help for me. I struggle with time management, this little trick has saved my life. I will literally set my timer on my phone for 30 minutes and begin working on my tasks for the day. Then after 30 minutes I will moved on to the next one. It has aslo helped me remember to take breaks through out my day. I get burnt out easy and this prevents me from doing

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