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  • Orkut Case Study

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    CHAPTER – 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION Social networking Sites are profile based websites that allow users to maintain social relationships by viewing, visiting and sharing their lists of social connections with other members. These sites can be used to build community-based personal websites, online discussion forums, chat rooms and other social spaces accessible to users for exchange of personal content and communication (Boyd and Ellison, 2009). A social networking site is website where individuals can

  • Pros And Cons Of Facebook Monopoly

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    Abstract Social media is open for anyone with internet connection. It’s no wonder that most of the planet has embraced social media in such a way that it has become a basic part of life. Facebook is a monopoly in the social media space. We will be looking at how this company was able to grow into the largest social media site in the world, what competition they had in this space, and if they drove any other social media companies out of business in the process of becoming number one. Facebook the

  • Social Medi Cyberpsychology And Behavior

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    media.For example,through the internet access people can easily share their interest,issues and context via web pages such as Facebook,Twitter and MySpace. Raacke J.. and Bonds argued that these pages which are virtual collections of users’ profiles,can be shared with people to create partnerships and keep contact with each other (as cited in(2008) Myspace and Facebook: Applying the uses and gratifications theory exploring friend-networking sites Cyberpsychology & Behavior).There are also many results

  • The Importance Of Social Media On Marketing

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    A social network is a social structure made up of individuals or organizations called “nodes”, which are connected by one or more specific types of mutuality, such as friendship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige. It was initially intended to make friendship and stay connected with colleagues, but now days every businessman would have known how important social networking is for their business. Mainly online business has made social networking

  • Rogerian Proposal: Online Social Networks

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    to see more of that because of how prevalent social networking has become.” At the same time, however, content on networkers’ sites can be used against them. Browning cited an Indiana murder case in which the defendant’s remarks about himself on Myspace caused suspicion about his character and contributed to his conviction. Divorce and employment cases have also used content from online networks as evidence. However, law professor Joseph A. Pollini, quoted in the same article in the New York Times

  • The Importance Of Cyber Bullying

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    Within recent years, social media has become a big part of everyday life. People commonly use social media to express themselves, connect with others, and share ideas. However, for many users, social media can be a traumatizing experience. Nearly half of social media users claimed to have experienced cyber bullying at least once while using social media. Cyber bullying is the intentional and repeated verbal harassment meant to hassle, shame, intimidate, humiliate, embarrass, and threaten others via

  • The Importance Of Internet Safety With Your Teenagers

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    How to Discuss Internet Safety with Your Teen Are you the parent of a teenager who uses the internet? If you are, have you already had the internet safety talk with your teenager? If you haven’t, it is time for that talk to occur. As nice as it is to be able to use the internet for school research projects or to communicate with friends online, it is important to remember that the internet can also be a danger to children and teenagers. As nice as it is to hear that you should talk to your teenager

  • SWOT Analysis Of Barack Obama's Social Media Campaign

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    2008 by becoming the first African American President of the United States of America.His social media campaign played a key role in his victory as hee gained a total of 5 million supporters on 15 different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. The distinguishing feature of Obama’s social media campaign was that it focused on involving the people and used it to organize, fundraise more effectively and used it to support their bottoms-up grassroot campaign strategy which helped them connect

  • The Importance Of Social Networking

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    is a very large community which is using social networks for pure education and entertainment purpose. We have also a large number of people including majority of faculty members and scholars using social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Social Networking is one of the Technological foundation of Web 2.0 which allow people to create,

  • Social Media Negative Impact

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    Abstract: Social media is the social interface among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Users of social media are escalating exponentially and it is changing the dynamics of social interaction by empowering them. In the society, the role of social media is very crucial as media creates awareness, change the perception of people and helps in decision making. Social media has become the voice of the people by shaping the way information

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Network Essay

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    SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES 1.1 Overview:- A social networking service is an online service which provides a platform for building social network or social relations among people. Social Networking is growing rapidly all over the world; India is one of the biggest growing markets for community network. The social network sites consist of users profile, social links, public testimonials or comments and also wide variety of additional services. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities

  • Essay On Popularity Of Social Media

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    popularity of social networking sites a positive trend?? Social networking sites have become popular nowadays because in modern era most people use computer, laptops for their convenience. There are a lot of social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, where people can interact with friends and strangers. Although some people think that these sites are unsafe and time wasting, social networking sites help to increase social connectivity, increase sales for business and shopping and even

  • The Disadvantages Of The Misusage Of Social Media

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    Misusage of Social Media Almost everyone has found the advantages of social media whether it is positive or negative. According to Michael Nuccitelli (2016), a licensed psychologist, “Cyberspace allows our dark fantasies to be fueled by the likeminded. Once validated, they are one step closer to becoming reality”. When one has his/her own desire that can be fueled by the others who have similar mind in cyberspace, then he/she will feel as it is a reality. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defined social

  • Negative Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents

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    surface of the skin. Cyber-bullying have caused many teenage victims to commit suicide, or even at least, having the thought of it. In the case of Megan Meier who was a 13 years old, committed suicide after being cyber-bullying through social media, MySpace by a female adult who was her neighbour posing to be a teenage boy named “Josh” who befriended her. They exchanged a few messages and shortly after, they became friends. “He” called her names like “slut and liar” and telling Megan that the world would

  • Technology In Social Media

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    Technology has seen huge advances and changes since its debut in 1991. Since the introduction of social media in the late 2000s, the internet has become an important aspect for billions of people worldwide. Just 30 years ago, it was uncommon-if not extremely rare-for a child to be seen with a portable mp3 player or computer. Nowadays, every child seems to have one of each. Is it necessary? I argue that it is actually terrible for their health. The constant exposure of mobile phones, tablets, and

  • Cyworld World Case Study

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    2008, Cyworld’s parent company, SK Telecom, brought in a key actor, Hyung-Chul Joo, as the newly appointed CEO of SK Comms (online services division of SK Telecom). With Cyworld facing many challenges, especially with the fierce competition of Myspace and Facebook vastly approaching, this left Joo, with several decisions to make regarding the future of Cyworld. The major decision Joo needed to make was, how can Cyworld re-create and re-capture value within the social networking scene, and what

  • The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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    launched during 2004 and the latest statistics stated that Facebook has roughly 1.39 billion monthly active users now (Facebook, 2014). Not to forget Friendster, the one that triggers the trend of social media. Other common social media also includes MySpace, iTunes, Spotify, Twitter and SnapChat. Besides the examples given, other type of social media includes video and audio podcasts. Likewise, YouTube allow internet users to either stream or download movies. On the other hand, online games are also

  • Importance Of Ethics In Social Networking

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    Abstract: The purpose of this review is to know about ethics in social networking. This article is to provide insights into the moral values embodied by a popular social networking site (Facebook). This research study is based upon qualitative fieldwork, involving participant observation, conducted over a two-year period. Then, the finding much research on the ethics of information systems has focused on the way that people deploy particular technologies and the consequences arising, with a view

  • The Negative Effects Of Social Media On University Students

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    EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Abstract: As social media sites continue to grow in popularity, it is our premise that technology is a vital part in today’s student success equation. This descriptive, exploratory research study drew a random sample (N=15) of males (n=9) and females (n=6) who were administered a student perception questionnaire on how social media affects university students. Thirty-five percent of the participants were undergraduates and 65% were graduate students

  • Advantage And Disadvantage Of Facebook

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    on Facebook pretending. Facebook is an remarkable social network with a movie based on Zuckerberg’s life at Harvard University and the story of Facebooks creation called ‘The Social Network’, Facebook’s surge in growth and popularity had crippled MySpace and it’s now on its last legs, and it’s popularity grows Facebooks problems are presented to us clearly, its advantages and its disadvantages. Advantages of Facebook is that you can connect with people across the world for free just like Skype and