Cause And Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, we have all heard of these social media platforms, and many of us most likely have them however, they can have a negative side-effect on us. Social media started to become popular with a website called Six Degrees and has grown immensely since then. First, social media was born in 1997 with a website called Six Degrees which let you create and account and friend people. After this, people started blogging and instant messaging; by the year 2000, around 100 million people had access to the internet. Next, MySpace became a very popular platform for people to set up a profile much like Facebook. LinkedIn was another popular platform for people to use. Then, Facebook and Twitter were launched, and they set a …show more content…

Researchers say, “The increase in bullying on social media and other online platforms has caused the instances of teen suicide to rise dramatically. This is because many teens don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with severe bullying.” Anyone can get bullied on social media however, the people who use social media more are more likely to get bullied and think about suicide. Information shows that, “For this generation, the thing to remember here is that children who are being bullied on social media are indeed being bullied outside of the internet’s medium.” This shows that if it starts on social media, there is no way to promise that it will stay on social media. It could spread to being talked about at school, and be taken way too far. Researchers state that, “Another common characteristic of cyberbullying is the invisibility of those doing the bullying: cyberbullying is not a face-to-face experience, and (like rumor-spreading) provides those doing the bullying with some degree of “invisibility” and at times anonymity.” The reason people aren’t scared to talk from behind a screen is because they believe there is no way to tell it’s them sometimes. They feel secure, and like they won’t get caught. Finally, though we can all admit that we use social media fairly often, overusing it can harm us in ways such as

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