Pros And Cons Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media for The Community In this Modern Era, Social Media plays an pivotal role in communicating. If we look according to the expert B.K Lewis, media social is label for digital technology that allows people to interact,providing and sharing the message content.We know that social media is very close to the community.Even it can be said that “human’s can’t lived without social media”. It can have both positive and negative effects,depending on how people used social media. Does the social media have negativity impact for it users?Why do I discuss this? Because now the use of social media become uncontrolled,especialy for the people in Indonesia.The majority of Indonesian people bought a variety of gadgets just to enjoy a variety of social media treats, from people In villagers to the city, rich people to the humble people, from kids to the elderly are all quite fond of this social media.Indeed,sometimes social media also provide benefits. Many things that can be considered bad due to social media is against the younger generation and this what I will discuss.Surely you have to read it thoroughly, so that you can get new knowledge. Here’s are the pros of social media are first it can affects people mental health is cyberbullying. This things maybe is often to hear. According to Indah Setyawati,Cyberbullying is an act intended to humiliate,intimidate,spread hatred and resentment in cybermedia.Currently cyberbullying occurs especialy among the teenagers.It obviously

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