Negative Effects Of Social Media On Education

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Social media are a websites and applications that enables a person to create and share a content. A person can also interact with someone like family, friends, loved ones all around the world. It deals with the sites that a person uses in order for them to have a communication. It has some negative outcomes that has a aggressive feelings, aggressive thoughts, and aggressive behavior. Social networking describes the phenomena found in, participatory and self-expressive websites such as Facebook, Twitter, My space, and Youtube. Social media is becoming an ubiquitous in today’s society and today’s youth are spending a great deal of time using some sites to access in a public life. Social media 1 Negative effects of social media on education A lot of students are using some sites that can distract them from their doings especially on their studies. Yes, social media gives everything what a person will need. Social media is a great way to have a person communicating with another person but we also do know that it could give us a big impact that could be problem to our studies. Nowadays, a lot of students are multi-tasking especially whenever they are doing some things that are related to their studies. They are checking some sites while doing their home works, projects, etc. We all know that it distracts us yet we still keep on doing it. It affects our education today. It has an effect in everything. It affects a student’s grades that it gave a
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