Argumentative Essay On Use Of Social Media

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The Use of Social Networking Nowadays, we are living under decent technology and it has changed a lot of things: Entertainment, communication, and relationship; economy, education, and habit; medical, political and cultural etc. Social media has allowed us to interact with many more people other than we are used to before. We are living in a world where people would rather use text message with their mobile phone than face-to-face to each other, share greeting with more than hundreds of friends on the social media such as upload how they feel on Facebook, show photo Instagram, and what they are doing with Snapchat. A study from the MedData Group found that LinkedIn is the most popular social media site, used by 32% of respondents. That was followed by Facebook (21%), …show more content…

Before human developed social networking, people use the paper to write something to tell someone with mail. Nowadays, we are using social networking such as Facebook messenger and G-mail to talk someone quickly instead waiting mail for long time to receive. It makes our live simple, but it may seem harmful. There are some ways social networking may affect our mental health. In 2012, Medical News Today reported on a study suggesting “Facebook use may feed anxiety and increase a person's feeling of inadequacy.” As you see, the people who are just depending on social media, as Facebook, won’t want to meet people real live, you can find this kind of people around you. Social networking (Media) is addictive. People have their own reason to use social networking, according to one of social media report that 63% of Americans log on to Facebook daily, and 40% log on multiple times each day. Most of reason to use social media is just people want to check their friends news or look for funny stuff to kill time; I frequently look at my phone to check Facebook message or to look at Facebook for no reason it is difficult to stop using social media.

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