Technology During The Cold War Era

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Technology Synthesis For the last century, in the United States, everyday life and education had been synonymous. During the Roosevelt Administration, children were encouraged to join the war effort and leave behind their future for their country. During the Cold War Era children were taught how to survive and atomic blast and during the stagflation epidemic of the 1970’s, children were lectured on the importance of being modest with money. However, in today’s society, with the introduction of technology in the classroom, a child’s education is no longer confined to the wishes of their superior. This brings many benefits to education, and sadly, many harms. Thus, before implementing technology into any classroom, it is important to be cautious of the information children can absorb, how it can affect their interaction with …show more content…

Writer Esther Dyson equates, “Being fed so much processed information- video, audio, images …- is like being fed too much processed, sugar-rich good.” The comparison of technology’s endless capabilities to a popular, unhealthy material distinctly emphasizes technologies appeal, yet detriment to children. When this translates into education, children turn their eye away from learning and towards distraction. According to University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Leslie Reed, “Students in [a 2016] study estimated that … they spent 20 percent of their classroom time using digital devices for activities unrelated to class” (2). Because technology is so broad and never-ending, students, now more than more than ever, have the ability to instigate their distraction with ease. This distraction hinders the benefits that technology provides, and turns something which is supposed to benefit education, into something that harms

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