Social Media Rhetorical Analysis

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In her essay, “I Had a Nice Time with you Tonight, on the app,” Jenna Wortham believes that social media apps are a helpful way to connect. Wortham swears by apps and is grateful that she can communicate with her boyfriend who is three thousand miles away. Yet some may challenge the view that Social Media apps are a reliable and effective method of communicating, Sherry Turkle stresses people are substituting online communication for face-to-face interaction. Although Turkle may only seem of concern to only a small group of people, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about the negative effects social media can have on people. In her eyes, nothing can replace person-to-person communication. Turkle herself writes that people who spend…show more content…
An innumerable amount of those people become addicted to social media. Social media are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Social media has certainly advanced over the years. We now have websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. A majority of the people that use these sites are teens and young adults. Social media websites not only uses up time, but negatively impacts many people 's lives. While these sites may be interesting and entertaining, it also contributes to changes in mostly teens behaviors, attitudes, struggles in school, and effective…show more content…
Today, it is normal for modern technology to show many forms of violence. These acts of violence may influence children and teens to be more aggressive in everyday life. For example, I babysit a pair of twin boys. Their names are Devin and Gavin. Devin and Gavin like to play video games. Of course, violence and videogames are hand in hand. Occasionally, the twins like to pretend as if they are in an actual video game. When they do this type of pretend play, violence comes along with it. The twins have to constantly be reminded to take it down a notch and that violence is an unacceptable way of playing. The use of social media not only leads to violent behavior, but also causes social and emotional changes. Teenagers have become much more focused on what he or she looks like. This is because, they are searching their identity, and trying to be someone that the media expects them to be. With social media, comes the stereotypical version of what a man or woman should be like. For example, women are expected to dress sexy, and have the perfect barbie doll body. Whereas men, are expected to be muscular and tall. Teenagers seeing these images being posted online, and it makes them change into the expectations of society. I come from a town where everyone tries to be like everyone else. If they see the latest trend on social media, they have the item ordered right
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