Argumentative Essay On Media Violence

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Media violence has become a controversial topic in the world today. Owing to the rising technology, children are beginning to show increasing violent behaviors. The debates on the effects of media ranging from screen media, video games, and books have a long history. Due to this, there is a speculation over what is the leading cause of the increasing violence in children. Some people argue that there is a relationship between media violence and real-life violence. In contrast, others argue that the entire media violence debate has been mismanaged with inconsistent results to claim that it causes violence. I take the position that media violence has a serious negative social effect on the lives of people, especially children and adolescents.…show more content…
There are those who argue that it has long and short-term adverse impacts on the social lives on young children and adolescents while others declare that not all effects are detrimental. Therefore, the debate continues as more research is done on the issue. In spite of the many debates, there is sound evidence documenting the damaging effects of media violence on the society. It has been argued that, children who are exposed to violent media become aggressive and violent at some point in their life (Markey, Charlotte, and Juliana 293) Therefore, media violence has a severe effect on the lives of…show more content…
There are many studies on media violence and its social effects. Most of the studies have indicated that children who are exposed to media violence are more likely to exhibit violent and aggressive behaviors. As the child observes the violence, he/she is motivated by the fact that the show is enjoyable without realizing the violent behaviors. As a result, they copy and identify the behavior, and this has detrimental effects on their social life. According to Boxer et al., the content of the media has a direct impact on its audiences (420). Moreover, it triggers certain responses regarding attitude and behavior in the audience. Therefore, it is important to filter or rather watch out the king of media violence our children are exposed to at a tender age and as they grow
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