The M2 Generation: Kids Too Dependent On The Media

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In the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and shot twenty-six people. Lanza was confirmed to be a player of violent video games. Violence in media can cause people to act aggressively and in inappropriate ways. For this reason, their exposure to violent movies, TV shows, and video games should be limited. People, especially children, reenact the media’s material, causing bullying, absent mindedness, and even school shootings. Violence on the internet, video games, movies, and TV has led to more aggression in people. The viewing of violent video games causes kids to become bullies. The viewing of violent video games causes kids to get used to playing them, and act more violently in real life. “The…show more content…
Kids who are exposed to violent television for twenty-nine months have had problems being engaged in school, thus becoming less attentive and distracting to others. ("The M2 Generation: Are Your Kids Too Dependent on the Media?"). Therefore, kids won’t grasp what they need to grasp about the subject matter, which leads to lower grades. A study was done by Journal of American Medical Association where they saw decrease in student engagement. “The JAMA reported that each additional hour of television a toddler watches can potentially result in a seven percent unit decrease in classroom engagement and a 13 percent unit decrease in weekly physical activity.” ("The M2 Generation: Are Your Kids Too Dependent on the…show more content…
There are other factors that may cause people to be violent, such as mental disorders, abusive families, drug use, and personalities. Most people that are born into abusive families have the tendency to be violent, since abuse was in their upbringing. The abuse will cause them to have sadness and anger, then as they get older will give peers and family that same violent treatment. Children who are abused are “nine times more likely to become involved in criminal activity” (“Child Abuse Statistics and Facts”). Also, mental disorders can cause people to be violent. An example is the school shooting in Virginia Tech in 2007. A student named Seung-Hui Cho walked into a lecture at Virginia Tech College and killed thirty-two people. Cho was reportedly showing odd behavior and writing suicidal statements. A suicidal statement by Cho to a suitemate “led to him being taken to a psychiatric hospital in December of that year. He was soon released with orders to receive therapy as an outpatient. Documents released in June 2007 indicate that he did attend at least one court-ordered counseling session at the Cook Counseling Center.” (“Seung-Hui Cho Biography”). His mental instability caused Cho to shoot up one of Virginia Tech’s classrooms and kill thirty-two people. There was no evidence that violent video media led to his heinous crimes. Also, people will act aggressively because of drug
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