Cinderella Ate My Daughters Summary

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When reading chapters seven and eight from Peggy Orenstein book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, it was interesting and yet horrifying to see it written out on paper. The chapter that really stuck out to me was chapter eight, Its all about the cape, was still the issue of girls and their weight. I know from growing up I have heard all about physical appearances and how it should be maintain in a healthy way. During my late high school days and even into early college days, going on diets was the newest trend and even television shows were participating in them. The latest gossip was about which diet people were on and who was going home on, The Biggest Loser. It was great that America wanted to start being healthy again, but by doing so we were …show more content…

Most Americans today either have a smartphone or tablet or even a laptop where they can easily access whatever information they like. Google has been best for that and when a young girl has that access they can see anything and everything they want, the latest trends in fashion and make-up tutorials so they can keep up with the now. Common theme with all of these is how beautiful these people look and how thin they are. They follow their favorite celebrity on Instagram and see how great they look and know that it look good they have to look like them. There are now set beauty goals that girls look up too, whether the parents approve or not, and are comparing themselves too. The girls then will need that certain make-up or certain style clothes to help them look good and also need to go on extreme diets to help them maintain their physique. These are all things the Orenstein was worried about with her daughter and yet she already knows that no one likes the fat people. Being taken back by this she knows that she never talks about her body weight or weight in general in front of her daughter so where could she have learned these cruel obsessions? It could be from her daughter attending school and other girls may not have a parent like Orenstein and do talk to children about weight and appearances without realizing that it could have potential harm to

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