Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Children’s lives have quickly shifted onto the Internet in the twenty-first century. Even the President of the United States has nearly forty thousand Twitter and Instagram posts. Social networks are websites that allow users to interact over the Internet. There are 600 million Facebook users across the globe (Rosenwald 2). 300 million visit Twitter every month (Maney 3). So many people are on one network online, social media has essentially become a second world. That being said, social media should not be encouraged to the public. At first use, social media does not seem dangerous, but it is. These sites diminish its user’s privacy to the point that it is accepted (Anderson 1). Not only do social networks hurt us, but users use it in a way for emotional self-harm. People constantly compare their real life to others virtual lives (Stephens-Davidowitz 1). Additionally, social media tends to make users less social in reality, contrary to the name. Modern technology is not always a good thing, sometimes it needs to be limited. Nobody wants to feel as if they are being watched. Truthfully, if they have social media accounts, they are being watched. Facebook’s entire business model revolves around them being able to share your information (Anderson 1). Typically, if companies were caught doing this there would be an outrage. However, everybody seems perfectly fine with it. A few years ago, Facebook introduced the Open Graph Protocol. The Open Graphs Protocol allows Facebook

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