Summary Of Could You Become A Mean Meme

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In the article, “Could You Become a mean meme?”, Kristen Lewis informs readers of the disadvantages and disadvantages of social media, as well as how to be smart with privacy. Did you know that everything done on social media is being watched? Social media is a great thing to have because it helps people keep in touch, but there are also many disadvantages, for instance, users don’t have enough privacy; however, there are ways to prevent people from invading your privacy. There are many pros to social media. For example, in section two, paragraph three, the author wrote, “Now we use our devices to shop, research, play and communicate.” She also explains how social media helps us to stay connected with distant or close friends and family. In section two, paragraph four, she says, “You can send your best friend a good-luck snap before his basketball game, watch your baby cousin grow up on …show more content…

In section two, paragraph six, the author explains that every time someone posts something on the internet, a piece of information about them if left and together, all the pieces create an image of who you are. In section three, paragraph four, the author says, “However, even the strictest privacy settings aren’t foolproof.” This explains that social media isn’t very private and that there aren’t many trustworthy people. Although social media has many benefits, there are also many drawbacks. In spite of all the disadvantages and not having much privacy, there are ways to protect yourself. The author lists a few ways of how you can protect yourself, for instance, one example is that she says that a person shouldn’t use their full names on social media, they should rather use a nickname. In section five, paragraph three, the author says, “Review privacy settings and rules on social media sites, which may change from time to time.” The author explains that even though there are negative effects of social media, there are ways to prevent

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