The Negative Effects Of The Social Media Generation

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Introduction (the social media generation) First of all the social media effects in society so bad in more specific way such as the relationship and the thief thy do a lot of cheating to the consumer and they try to do they best to change the identity, so this effect how the social media effects on ¬¬¬¬us and how thy not safe for people thy don’t know how to use it so in this essay .I will talk about how the social media change us to robots people don’t have feelings and real friend only we care about how many like we tact and how may followers we have. Social media is number one on web activity, analysis believes young people have shifted so much social energy online it affected privacy, individual human relationships and people relate to their communicate. The bad effects of social media, social media is rewiring our brain it affected teens and effects our youth. Social media is changing our brain and makes us unsocial. Social Media is online technology platforms it help to connect people together far and near. The use of Online networking Toward people aides on need right to fundamental majority of the data Concerning illustration fast Likewise could reasonably be expected. For school, the use of web platforms for example, such that class website will give for scholars the good right with caliber data over those class environment, departments, faculties, rules, It need been watched that Online networking need An wider What 's quicker method for circle majority of
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