Opposing Argument For Online Education

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Outline Introduction Online education, which is also known as distance education, is an education that is based on the internet and utilise many types of technology. This type of education is different from the traditional or classroom education . Some people think that online education is not an adequate method of learning, however, others think that online education is an easier and more efficient way of learning. Moreover, survey result from Pew research center in 2011 shows that around 23% of college graduates attend the online class and about 15% of those completely acquired the degree from online education. Body Argument 1: Lower total cost Opposing Argument: Since online education utilizes the latest and modernized technology devices, …show more content…

Argument 2: Social life and interactions Opposing Argument: In online education, there is no face to face interaction because the students are only able to interact with his or her teacher and fellow classmates through the internet. Therefore it is difficult to improve oral communication and it can minimize students’ social interactions. Supporting Argument: Online education improves the student’s social life and communication skills. It gives the student’s more free time and allow the students to communicate more. Since online education can be taken from anywhere and anytime, the students have more time to socialize with their family and friends. Online education supports the idea of students to work and study at the same time, so this allows some students to have a part time job to fill in their free time. This job allows the students to interact with other people too and the students can use the money that they earned for their other social life purposes such as travelling. Argument 3: Time …show more content…

It might take a day or even a week for the students to have a response from the teachers. Supporting Argument: Unlike traditional education, online education does not have schedules. The students are allowed to take the class whenever they want and this leads to self-disciplined. The students do not have to travel to different places and move from their hometown to take the courses that they are passionate in. According to Open Doors U.S. Student study abroad data portal, the number of U.S. students studying abroad is rising by 2% every year. The students will be more organized since they are arranging their own schedules. They can learn how to disciplined themselves. The students could get their degree or finish his or her class faster. Conclusion Online education can be efficient for some students, but not for the others. It is growing and more people are more attracted to attend this method of learning. While it may be true that this type of education still has a lot to improve in terms of its technological development to the effectiveness of its teaching and learning method, many people believe that online education is an impressive method of

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