Argumentative Essay About Being A Nurse

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I have always thought about working in the medical field, but where was the question. I started looking at the field of nursing. My mom works as a nurse so it was obvious that I start there. From my research I found out all of the great things about being a nurse. This research answered my question. Nursing offers endless opportunities to anyone and it is one of the only fields that will always be in demand. The nursing field has great opportunities available to its employees. One best opportunities that the nursing field provides is that you can work and live anywhere in the U.S. without worrying about money. Nurses make on average $67,490 in 2014 according to a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Career para 4.) This is more than enough money to live on especially with next benefit of being a …show more content…

College is a very large investment. Gilliam White says that college is still worth investing in at least in economic terms (para 1.) This is extremely true for nursing considering you make $67,490 plus bonuses. Going to college for nursing can be a daunting task Nurses are 100 times more likely to attend graduate nursing school that medical school (How para 6.) There is a new way of education that makes getting a degree in nursing even easier. Online nursing is that process and it is allowing more flexibility and more active learning of course material. There are advantages and disadvantages of using online learning to teach in the nursing field. The main advantages of online learning are flexibility and active learning (Kenny.) The flexibility offered by online classes is unmatched. Based on personal experience, I can tell you that you can work almost anywhere and at any time. The disadvantages are computer confidence and the practicality of teaching (Kenny.) The main problem of nursing education is that the quality of their education is based on the quality of their clinical

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