Waste Of Money: Is College Worth The Money?

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If you’re neglecting college because of its expenses, then you should listen up. There are some people that believe college is a waste of money and it’s not worth the money, but I disagree. College is definitely worth the money. You’ll be working at a lofty paying job and you won’t regret your decision of going. Furthermore there is a sizable gap between the amounts of money weekly, there is also an immense gap between the unemployment rates, and lots more reasons. By the time you finish reading this essay you will understand why it would be smarter to go to college.
To start off, the average weekly rate of money a college graduate makes is two times more than the average weekly rate of a high school graduate. According to, “Are college degrees useless?”, “the average high school graduate earns 653 dollars weekly and the average college graduate …show more content…

"Is College worth it?” states, “bachelor’s degree unemployment rate is 4.5% while high school diploma unemployment rate is 11.3%.” The high school diploma rate is about two and a half times as much as the bachelor’s degree unemployment rate. In addition people say “You can start a business and you won’t even have to go to college.” But what if your business fails and it doesn’t thrive? What are you going to do then? If you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, then you have that to fall back on. It’s okay to start your own business but you just need something to back you up if it were to fail. So be smart and take the next step in education. To conclude, college tuition is worth the money. You won’t be stressing that there won’t be enough money made. Also judging on the unemployment rates too the obvious safe choice is to go to college. You’d have a better chance of going unemployed with a high school diploma rather than a bachelor’s degree. In the end choose the right path for life and go to college, it’s worth the

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