Is College Worth Going?

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College is expensive, yes, but is it worth going? Many people struggle with the choice of going to college and being in debt or not going to college and being debt free. The choice of being debt free sounds good but in the long run, college is worth it. A study by the bureau of labor showed the weekly earnings and unemployment rates from people with less than a high school diploma up to people with a doctoral degree. The average weekly earnings for someone with a high school diploma is about 668 dollars. Someone with a Master’s degree makes about 1,326 that’s almost double. Say you go all the way to a doctoral or professional degree they make about 1,615, that’s 300 hundred dollars more a week. Not only does a higher degree allow people to make more money but the unemployed rate is lower. …show more content…

Imagine the feeling of graduating college and finally getting the job you’ve always dreamed of. So to me, college is worth it. Yes, it will suck to pay for everything and study for tests or lose much-needed sleep, but I know I won’t regret not going to college and not getting my dream job. I will go to college and be successful. I will work hard to earn my job and earn my

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