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  • Technology In University

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    New technologies are not only improving the way of teaching and learning, but they are also ameliorating the effectiveness and security of university campuses. A campus can be traditionally considered y as (Kwok, 2015) a piece of land on which buildings of an educational establishment are constructed. There are libraries, classrooms, residential halls, student centers, dining halls, and recreation areas. Intelligent technologies can be applied to many administrative areas of the campus such as energy

  • Social Life In University

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    In today’s society, academic qualifications obtained from university is important. It is important to socialize and meet new friends during the university life as I personally think that the social communications and academic qualifications are equally important. Socialization, maintaining good relationships between friends and having a strong sense of connectedness to others are also very important in university life. Online chatting, hanging out with friends during free time, joining a club, are

  • Advantages Of Private Universities

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    I. INTRODUCTION The phenomenon of many private universities that service excellence and quality is a challenge for private universities in Riau Archipelago, to win the competition and challenge university managers, especially in recruiting prospective students, this is where the importance of universities to identify factors that become the consideration of a prospective student choosing a private university. Private university offers different attractions to increase the number of students

  • The Importance Of Racism In Universities

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    What should a college or university do when a racial issue occurs on campus? I use the word "when" because let 's face it racial tension nowadays is a thing that has been happening so often that it is expected to happen. Colleges are having racial problems like in Duke, had a fraternity, The Kappa Sigma, hosting a party with students wearing Asian-style clothing and mimicking stereotypical Asian accents. Campuses could counter these types of things by altering the students ' views and showing their

  • University Tuition Fee

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    University tuition fees have rapidly increased since the 1970’s with the market force of supply and demand being a critical component to the rise. Experts in the field of economics would argue that the major element behind the exceeding high-rise in tuition fees is the recent appeal of higher education, insinuating that universities are driven by market forces. Market forces are the factors that impact the price and accessibility of goods and services in a market. When a variable is in high-demand

  • University Swot Analysis

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    Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Matrix Strengths 1) Market leader 2) Foreign universities 3) Strong brand 4) Reasonable course fees 5) Conducive facilities 6) Experienced lecturer 7) Financial assistance Weaknesses 1) Reduce in group profit 2) Reduce in share price 3) Less advertising 4) Dependent on PTPTN 5) Decrease number of students Opportunities 1) Increase in population 2) Increase in GDP 3) Government commitment 4) Technology improvement 5) Supply of medical resources

  • The Value Of University Education

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    common trend that the cost of university education increases as the cost of living increases. Most countries offer free education through high school, yet many question wether university education should be free as well. It is essential to ambitious students to have a university level degree, but not free of cost. These people believe that “if you are good at something, never give it for free”, since anything available for free of cost is hardly valued. Thus, if university education becomes available

  • Multicultural Education In University

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    large percentage of the total students in America. So does in all Western universities. However, different backgrounds and cultures sometimes bring bad effects, like racism, to both students’ academic achievements and daily life and this is becoming a serious social problem. So coming up with some solutions to make diversity an advantage is essential for the universities. This essay is about multicultural education in universities and will discuss implementing multicultural education

  • Indiana University Thesis Statement

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    Indiana University Thesis Statement: Indiana University is one of the best places to study language in the United States. Indiana University is a multi-campus university that is located in the state of Indiana, United States. Indiana University has more than 110.000 students that are spread across its eight campuses in the different areas. One of its campuses, Indiana University Bloomington, is ranked by Forbes Magazine into the twenty best public campuses in America. One of the best colleges or

  • Gender Differences In University Education

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    idealisms, perceptions, and the like. Because of the demand in experiences, educational institutions like schools and universities can be a helpful place to achieve greater heights. But universities serve students not only by accumulating lessons, it is also a place where a person can truly determine his/her sexuality. According to Educational Pathways International, university education is more than the next level in the learning process because it is a critical component of human development worldwide

  • Gun Control In Universities

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    University Gun Control: A Tale of Three Stories Only a few decades ago the topic of gun control on universities was non-existent. It was a given that the possession of firearms was not only allowed but required as per the government and university legislation being that having a prepared militia at that point in time was a necessity. Given a drastic change in circumstances a century and a few decades’ later, weapons were completely prohibited from universities. In the past two decades alone catastrophic

  • Freedom Of Speech In Universities

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    Campuses Vashton Smith Georgia Gwinnett College Abstract Free speech is an essential right guaranteed by the Constitution. It is the duty of all Americans to protect it, however, at many colleges and universities, the right to say whatever about whoever is being controlled and prosecuted. Using safe spaces, and free speech zones, colleges across the country reserve the right to freedom of speech to anyone who shares the majority opinion on campus. My research

  • Radford University Hazing

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    which then allow the individual to join their community. Although focus on the victims and their families have taken precedent, universities and colleges have now been under scrutiny for not taking enough preventive measures in order to ensure safety for all parties involved, and furthermore, the poor decisions made after hazing

  • Walden University Experience Essay

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    Upon beginning my first class at Walden University, it has been difficult to see myself getting through this 8-week course. Furthering my education has been something I have struggled to accomplish for the last 4 years. I almost decided to give up and continue being just a high school teacher. However, being a senior teacher that motivates my students to go above an beyond to reach their goal has pushed me to work hard and start a new journey. Though it is only the beginning of my journey, I can

  • A Reflection Of A Mock Interview At University

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    Reflection on mock interview On Friday 1st December 2017 I had a mock interview at university. This was organised by the university in order to help prepare the students for placement interviews. I was however quite nervous before my mock interview. The reason for this is this was my first ever interview in the accounting & finance sector. In addition to this I am quite introverted and have never enjoyed talking about myself. As a result of this I often struggle in interviews and fail to mention

  • Sexual Assault In Universities

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    Sexual Assault in Universities Sexual assault a topic a lot of people rather not talk about. While sexual assault is still a noticeable problem in universities today, one-in-four undergraduate women still report that they were sexually assaulted. Less than 20% of college sexual assaults are reported, many people are afraid of what comes after they report it. Many students are afraid of the reputation they may get from fellow students. One-in-four, is that a statistic you want when people search

  • Creighton University Scholarship Essay

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    Prior to moving to Fort Collins at the beginning of my sophomore year, my father was laid off from his job and was unemployed for a year. As a result, we are still recovering financially from the event. Furthermore, I will be attending Creighton University this upcoming fall, which is a private out-of-state college. When I start my education at Creighton, two of my other siblings will also be attending college. Recently, I had to make additional purchases for Creighton, such as for a Mac Pro lap top

  • Claflin University Research Paper

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    Claflin University is one of the most significant academic institutions in the state of South Carolina. Despite the small size of the campus, Claflin University has much to offer to its students and faculty. Therefore, during my first semester, I fell in love with five aspects of the university and I learned to appreciate the heritage of Claflin University. Although the campus may appear to be boring at times, Claflin University offers a safe environment for all of its students. This is one of my

  • Yeshiva University Case Study

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    Yeshiva university is a private institution that was founded in 1886. It has a complete undergraduate enrollment of 2,885, its setting is city, and the campus length is 300 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Yeshiva university 's ranking within the 2015 version of great colleges is countrywide Universities, forty eight. Its tuition and charges are $38,730 (2014-15). Yeshiva college is Jewish organization in ny metropolis. The university is split into 3 undergraduate schools:

  • Temple University Scholarship Analysis

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    I have more to offer Temple University than just the criteria that I meet, and ask for a reconsideration for a university scholarship. Not only do I meet the criteria with my cumulative GPA of 4.1107, SAT Critical Reading and Math score of 1210, and my ACT composite score of 26, but the involvement inside of my school is the defining aspect that can separate me from the other peers who only meet the criteria shown in their scores. Temple seems like the only university I can truly identify with. Its