Benefits Of College Tuition

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“A college education is the best investment students could make and college education costs are rising”- Cary Israel. The tuition for college is the biggest investment you could make towards your future, but the cost of a university is becoming a problem. Expenses are rising and out of state tuitions are getting higher. College education cost is a things many people cannot afford and it is effecting there future. Is the price of going into college worth the price? Tuition should be a lower expense because with a lower cost people can now have a better chance at having a better future. Due to a study on (what 's the price tag for college educaation?) the average cost of college tuition for a public school is $24,061 to $30,640. Now try to imagine what a private school must cost to attend. The average cost to go to private university is about $50,000, but tuition has rose over the years. According to (Education) between the years of 1982 to 2012 public college tuition has rose over…show more content…
As I have told you before, college is the biggest investment you could make towards your future. People who graduate college make more money in the long run and tend to hold on to a job for longer periods of time. Not just are you essentially set for life if you graduate from an institution, the expenses for academies go to all fees such as, your housing and meals, textbooks and school supplies and personal and public transportation expenses ( The prices for colleges is a bit consuming, but it is not impossible to get help. High schools offer scholar ships to students who do well in school. Certain colleges also do the same thing. They give money to kids who do well in sports. The United States offers the Merit Scholarship which is for your academics. Universities give scholarships for certain social events, I.e. Clubs, competitions teams and outstanding
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