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France, Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka, and Cuba along with dozens of other countries offer free four-year colleges to their citizens. So why do Americans pay an average of thirty seven thousand dollars just for college tuitions? The price we pay for education is excessive, and the average cost continues to increase every year. The four years of education from colleges and universities following high school should be free in the United States. Though there are some side effects to having free college, such as higher taxes, the positive impacts that they can provide greatly exceed the negative. To begin with, by eliminating the cost of four-year colleges, it will decrease the overall amount of American debt that is caused from college loans. …show more content…

But, I can insure you that higher tax prices are only a slight sacrifice that the government should be willing to take in order for free colleges. As I have stated earlier, with free college the national debt of America will decrease by 1.2 trillion dollars. High amount of debt is a primary reason why American taxes are already so costly, so if the overall debt decreases then the taxes in the United States will also decrease. This will allow for the taxes of free colleges to equal the same amount as taxes are today. In addition, free colleges will result in more Americans attending school after they graduate high school. By attending college, higher job opportunities will be available for much more people. With a higher educational background, the average income of an American will grow, which permits people to be able to afford the higher prices of taxes. Overall, America should allow free four-year colleges and universities available to all citizens. The overall positive impact that free college can have on our country- such as lower debt and lesser unemployed and homeless- will allow for the United States economy to be more stable and allow for its citizens to greatly benefit

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