Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Free?

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In today society, people are easily looked by their college degree level and they can be judged by their degree. But not everybody can afford to go to college in order to get a degree. People have different reasons of not going to college but most of the reasons are because of the tuition. Tuition are too high and they can not afford it. If the free college situation does not make a great effect on the economy, I believe that college should be free because free college can encourage more students to go to college, earn a degree and can decide on their future without the worry of paying debt and contributing to create a better society with their knowledges. College should be free because it can provide more opportunities for more people to …show more content…

The downside can affect the student’s own life. If college is free, students would not focus seriously on their college education. They just go to college because it is free. The results could be dropping out of college and graduation rate would be lower. Or another effect that students are not well prepare enough for the real world because they just try to get the degree to graduate and actually not learn anything. If going to college is free, it is similar of students go to elementary, middle or high school, they are just going to school and are not really think ahead of their future. But when students get to college, hopefully they are old enough to realize what is best for them. If free college could happen, students should be thankful for that and try their best to achieve what they want. College should be free because of it can makes a big effect on student 's lives. If college can be free, more students would go to school and to get a higher degree for themselves. Then after graduating college without debt, students can be able to think about their own life such as doing business, buying house, etc. Also a better - educated population can make positive effect on the society. There could be downside of the situation but students could be able to overcome it because going to college is for their own education and life. Going to college is for changing the student 's own futures and also the

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