Disadvantages Of State-Owned Colleges

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State-owned colleges should be free to attend because a person’s education should not cost anything. If state-owned colleges were free more people would be able to attend. When people go to college they should be stress-free. Not worrying about paying off loans and scholarships. College should not be a debt sentence for people who just want to further their education. After going to college, people should want to enhance the community that they are in. If state-owned colleges were free more people would be able to attend. By making our state colleges free, we are making education more accessible and affordable to our society, which can only benefit us. I mean let’s face it when you have more people in college who want to be there to further their education, and make our community a better place, that is only beneficial to us. Because college is not as accessible as public schooling, many people decide not to further education. I mean a primary and secondary education was free, so why isn’t a post-secondary education?…show more content…
Most of the time if a person goes out of state to go to college nine times out of ten they are going to stay where they got their degree at when their help is needed right here. For example, you have a student that just graduated high school and now he/she is off to get their degree to be a teacher. Nine times out of ten that student is going to stay where they received their degree to get a job there. And if you are living in an area like mine they are needed right here at home to make it better for the students who would like to go college and help out their community. Money should not be an issue for someone trying to help the country by learning. A person's education is to benefit himself or herself in today's society and to benefit his or her country and
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