Argumentative Essay: The Cost Of College

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College is one of the most important and life changing times in the life of an American. Leaving high school behind and venturing out to the adult world is an amazing experience that every individual should experience. However, young adults from every corner of the country leave college with crippling debt or do not go to their preferred college of choice. College education should be cheaper as it will help families and students financially and give them the satisfaction with having the opportunity to go to their first choice for college. The tuition and cost of college is detrimental to thousands of families across the country and brings student debt to future graduates. Some students have seen their debt climb over $30,000. Friedman writes, “The average student in the Class of 2016 has $37,172 in student loan debt…” (Friedman). With the debts being over the average income for single people households, college has transformed from a benefit to a burden. Young adults not only have to worry about their education but also paying for the next semester or years of college ahead of them. The cost for colleges must go down so students will not be …show more content…

The financial burdens that college leaves with the families and students needs to be addressed as student loans keep racking up over time. The cost of tuition for colleges has risen drastically over the years and has bounded students to only one or two college choices to choose from and at some points tearing away the opportunity to go to their dream college. However, one reason college has driven up in price is because the value it brings with it’s degrees, but it should not limit those who can not afford the worthy degree. College should be cheaper as it will ease financial burdens and broaden the choices of those wanting to attend

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