Argumentative Essay On Student Debt

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Society often believes college is a necessary experience for a better future, but I argue that the future will not be any better when student debt becomes a part of life for those who follow that mainstream belief. Most parents often dream of the great colleges and universities that their children will get accepted into; however, they fail to think of the cost to attend those institutions. Financial aids! Financial aids! Yes there are financial aids that students can apply to lessen the student debt. Yet the amounts of financial aid they receive are generally never enough for most students, and they continue to carry the debt for most of their miserable life. The ideal adult working life that most people desire is probably the one where they work hard to …show more content…

Student debt is one of the biggest issues that people are struggling with. Especially for those graduates whose major does not guarantee a stable job due to the limited amount of job positions, such as art history and music majors, many of them end up being a freelancer because job unavailability. Governments often encourage the citizens to spend more and help improve the economy, but how could the citizens help when they don’t have the spending power due to the heavy student debt that they are carrying. A good way to improve the economy is by solving the issue of student debt. With the help of the “Organ for Ed” program, both the job seeking and economic problems would dissolve at once. Students would choose their major more carefully since they are paying for their education with part of themselves literally. Also, without the student debt looking at the graduates behind their backs, they can spend more with less pressure; the more they spend, the better the economy will be. Without doubt, the “Organ for Ed” program is one of the finest solutions to kill two birds with one

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