Persuasive Free Education

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Did you know that Forty-one percent of four-year college students did not graduate within six years? College students around the country are in insane amount of debts and have no way to get rid of it and that’s a reason many do not graduate. Due to the rise in costs to attend college there has been discussions about free education, but how the debt could have been minimized and the effects on economy have not been brought up. College education should not be offered for free to all students because of the missed opportunities and unintended costs of free education are very expensive. Students don’t take advantage of the opportunities they are provided in high school, like dual-enrollment, that could save them time and money in college. Every year students are given the opportunity to do dual enrollment which would save them hundreds to thousands in college, but most miss their chance and are required to take remedial classes in college. According to statistics, “Complete College America reports that almost 50% of the students entering 2-year colleges are required to take remedial classes. ( Rath Par.15)”. To further explain, due to students not taking advantages in high school are required to take remedial classes they most-likely took in high school and pay around triple the amount. The significance in the evidence is that college students are not trying ahead of time to save money, which is a big reason for some quantity of their debt. Not being able to adapt to new
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