College Education Should Not Be Free Essay

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Why College Tuition Should not be Free Introduction Education is a major driving force for a country’s economic, social and political development. Every youth desire to attain a college degree as it offers many opportunities to the graduates. Higher education is however very expensive and hence reserved for the privileged families. Making college education free would however not be the ultimate solution. Vilorio (12) contends that the youths need to understand the essence of hard work and working their way up a college degree. A free college education will not only bring the quality of higher education down, but it will also strain the taxpayer's resources. In the end, free education will negatively impact the economy. This essay opposes free college education due to its adverse effects on the government, citizens, task force and the …show more content…

In the end, free education is never free as the youths will have to pay back for the tuition with excessive taxes. Also, offering free tuition will lower the value of education, and this will translate to lower productivity in the job market. Human beings tend to value the things that they have worked for and therefore offering the education at zero costs means that the students may never take their studies seriously. The government can also adopt different alternatives to the free education without necessarily hurting the economy. Having so many graduates will impact negatively on the job sector. The graduates will hence be competing for the few available jobs which will lead to lower salary and low productivity. Lastly, free college schooling will encourage laziness as the youth will feel that they do not have to apply effort to get a higher education. The federal government, therefore, needs to rethink this strategy and instead work on lowering tuition costs for the underprivileged in the

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