Essay On The Cost Of College Tuition

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Many people dream of a life filled with riches, but that dream is hard to obtain without a college degree. It is somewhat ironic how people dream of being a successful student and going to college but the cost of tuition turns that dream into a horrible nightmare. It is not a shock to most people when they that college tuition is expensive, but in the past few years it has increased to an all-time high. Lower and middle class students have now begun to realize that college tuition is holding them away from their dreams. Even though college tuition could provide opportunities for job creation and economic growth, tuition is not affordable for the average American household which in effect, prohibits students from taking opportunities like going to college in the first place. Since tuition has risen 3 times higher the rate of inflation in the past 10 years, this increase a student’s chances of not being able to afford higher education and also gives them a better chance of accumulating debt post-graduation. Some people think that the college education they acquired did not fit the amount they paid for it, even if they pulled out loans or were an ideal candidate for a scholarship. This is a scary fact because higher education can determine if you thrive …show more content…

But, with tuition prices spiking in the last decade, college is not a choice for most students graduating high school. Not going to college is an opportunity missed within itself but colleges that vacuum all your life savings in one year also take away the opportunities of getting a great education, stable lifestyle, and job. Post-high school education is becoming harder and harder to reach and without the governments help there is really nothing we can do about it. School funds need to increase from the government so that the students of America can take the opportunity of going to a well-priced

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