We Send Too Many Students To College By Marty Nemko Analysis

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Is college worth the money? This has been a question asked by millions of high school seniors, current college students, graduates, and parents across the United States. Many argue that it opens more doors over those who chose not to attend while others argue that we send too many students all while increasing the national student loan debt. Author Marty Nemko argues in his article, “We Send too Many Students to College,” that too many students are pushed to go to college. Nemko assumes that those reading his article are parents questioning if college is the right decision for their child. He addresses the main argument of college graduates make more than non-college graduates. He goes on to refute it by stating that some graduates are forced to take jobs that non-graduates hold with an ever changing American job market. Nemko concludes his argument by leaving the reader with a list of possibilities and examples for the college and noncollege bound. Overall, Nemko’s argument about sending too many students to college has some effectiveness to it while also having some ineffectiveness to it. He makes good use of pathos and his alternate ideas, but he fails to provide compelling refutes while …show more content…

He addresses the arguments against his position then refutes them more or less. His argument about sending too many students to college proves to be somewhat effective while also being ineffective. Nemko plays on the emotions of the reader and provides alternatives improving the effectiveness of the article only to fail to provide compelling refutes while damaging his credibility through his use of logos. (Nemko 32-35). So as millions of students and parents ask whether or not college is worth the money, they can turn to Marty Nemko’s article as a source of alternate answers while keeping in mind he does have some downfalls in

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