Persuasive Essay On Free Community College

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As the month of November comes along annually, every single high school senior is forced to decide which path they are going to take after graduating. For some, it is easy to choose which college to attend and how to pay for it. But, for many, it is extremely difficult to figure out a way to get the funds for college. So, they choose the community college route. Community college is drastically cheaper than tuition at a four year university. However, it is still an issue for students to cough up that money. The idea of making community college free to any student in America has been a dream for low income students for a while. President Obama’s desire to make the tuition of community college to everyone in the nation would only make it difficult for students to get a free education, limit them to essential resources, and discourage students from applying to four year universities. Granting free community college tuition to incoming freshmen will draw “more students to already crowded community colleges”. Along with the overcrowded campuses, a very long waiting list will soon form making it just as competitive to get into a four year university. It is typically almost guaranteed to get …show more content…

So many students are going to choose the community college option and “affordability doesn’t help if a student can’t get into the right class or find help figuring out what classes to take”. Sure, there are these resources on community college campuses but when there are so many students demanding help, it will become difficult for counselors to become closely connected to the students when there are thousands of other students asking for help in their own personal way. Hiring more counselors will not be a smart idea because the campus needs to continue to spend little on every student and they wouldn’t be able to afford to pay a larger

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