Persuasive Essay On Community College

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In the United States a community college is defined as a nonresidential junior college offering courses to people living in a particular area. They are post secondary schools and are also referred to as junior colleges, vocational or technical schools because generally the course of study is for two years. The student can earn an associates degree or certification and/or continue their education by transfering to a four year college to complete their educational pursuits and earn a Bachelor 's degree. Community colleges started in the late 1800’s and have grown and evolved over the years. Today many four year colleges and universities have become so expensive to attend that many prospective students are opting for the more affordable alternative of a community college for their first two years of study where they can save money by living at home and taking classes that will transfer to a four year institution, however, there are students that cannot afford the lower cost of community colleges. Though community college tuition is not paid for through taxes or by some other means, if it was it would allow for all students wanting to …show more content…

Having free tuition for college means that more people who cannot afford it now, would end up going. This is a good thing in terms that more people are getting a good education and continuing their educational careers to hopefully obtain good job, but it also decrease the value of a college education. If more people are able to earn degrees, it devalues them. Finding jobs even with their qualifications would be difficult (Should college be free?). This idea would also apply to the students, mainly student-athletes, that work for multiple years to try to perfect their skill and obtain full or half scholarship. Without the years of hard work, going to college would not be a significant matter. If college was free, gaining a college degree would be almost equivalent to a high school degree as almost anyone would be able to obtain

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