Two Years Are Better Than Four

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Can Two Be Greater Than Four? Does college really matter? Has college lost its rite to passage appeal? Can one still go to college and be successful in the pursuit of self-discovery? These are the types of questions that Liz Addison challenges in her short essay “Two Years Are Better Than Four”. By taking into account my own experience as a current community college student and advocate, in this response to Addison’s essay I choose to elaborate on her views of community college being better than a four year university in the sense of offering a better college experience. In this essay Addison made some very strong points in the defense of community colleges of America, but there is one point that Addison didn’t emphasize on, and that is the price point. Addison mentioned price very briefly by stating that community colleges offer “a network of affordable future” (213). I believe if she had made the price of college a pillar of her essay it would have not only made community college a better college experience alternative but also a more affordable one. Community college is sometimes so cheap it is free! Many students of community colleges including myself qualify for federal student aid. In many cases this government assistance covers the full price of admission to the college. In some cases your awarded assistance may not be enough to cover cost entirely. However community college is so cheap relative to a university that one could possibly pay for tuition out of

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