Argumentative Essay: Should College Students Pay For College?

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As the school year comes to a close and the only thing on a senior’s mind is how are they going to pay for college? Throughout our high school careers we always get asked what our plans are after high school and never how are you going to pay for that next step of your life after high school. We barely get prepared for the real world in high school we are forced to take classes the school thinks will be good for us not what we think or what will be best for what we want to study for in college. How are high schoolers supposed to be able to pay for college when they don’t get prepared enough in high school to go on to that next level of schooling and have to more than likely go into debt just to be able to pay for it. Colleges should no longer cost an insane amount of money to go there. With K-12 education free wouldn’t it make sense for college to be free? We have made …show more content…

The older generations got taught how to save money and how to live a college life that would make them get through college with a little less debt. Now if we give them free college they won’t know how debts work and how to coop with them. College debt can teach the younger generation how to save their money and spend it wisely instead of just spending it on the newest video game console that just came out etc. To bring this to a personal level my parents told me once I got a job that I need to start saving most of the money I earned for college since they didn’t want me to have as much debt as they did coming out of college (they are still paying it today). If they didn’t tell me that I might have just went off and spent it all on objects that I didn’t need and also now I know to save money even after college for things like a new car or house once I get to that stage in my life. Going into debt in college helps build a good mind set for after college about how to spend/save

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