Should High Schools Should Pay For College To Be Free?

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As the school year comes to a close and the only thing on a senior’s mind is how are they going to pay for college? Throughout our high school careers we always get asked what our plans are after high school and never how are you going to pay for that next step of your life after high school. We barely get prepared for the real world in high school we are forced to take classes the school thinks will be good for us not what we think or what will be best for what we want to study for in college. How are high schoolers supposed to be able to pay for college when they don’t get prepared enough in high school to go on to that next level of schooling and have to more than likely go into debt just to be able to pay for it. Colleges should no longer cost an insane amount of money to go there. With K-12 education free wouldn’t it make sense for college to be free? We have made K-12 education free because it is good for the individual and for society. There have been several recent studies that have proven that a “college degree is the gateway into a more stable and financially better life” (Page,Clawson). There have been people who wanted to go to college to get a degree in the field they love but they couldn’t due to the ever rising cost of college. And these kids are forced to go work at jobs that don’t require any degree just to make ends meet due to the cost of college. Also another idea that could work is move the cost of tuition “away from students and onto taxpayers” most

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