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As a child, I dreamed of acquiring a career in Nursing. I was always fascinated by the amount of respect that nurses received during my doctor visits throughout my childhood. There are many reasons why I chose to major in Nursing such as the ability to take care of someone, the money and benefits that the career offered, as well as job stability and flexibility. On of my main reasons for pursing Nursing is the ability to care for someone other than myself. Nurses usually have a nurturing heart that helps to heal any illness whether someone is sick physically or emotionally. Most people need TLC (tender loving care) because usually in time it nurtures the heart. Nurses alsohelp to educate many patients on different health topics that may help them feel better. It also provides proof that nurses care about one’s well being because they would not take the time to educate a patient about his or her illness if they did not feel it was beneficial. Another reason I close to major in Nursing is for the money and benefits that the profession offers. Most nurses have excellent pay depending on the type of environment they work in. of course, trauma nurses, surgical nurses, and nurses who …show more content…

Currently there is a big demand for nurses everywhere throughout the United States. There are also many opportunities in the field regardless of what one may specializing in because all states have a for a need for nurses. Whether one decides to live up north, down south, or out west the possibilities are endless. Some nurses have so much flexibility that they decide what hours they want to work or even what days they want to work. Many nurses also specialize in different areas within the nursing field. The field also provides many environments such hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor offices. I prefer to specialize in pediatrics, so I can work with premature babies in a neonatal wing in a

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