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Annotated Bibliography O'Lynn, Chad E. A Man's Guide to a Nursing Career. New York: Springer Publishing Company, 2013. EBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 26 Oct. 2015 Becoming a Registered Nurse though is an adventure not to be taken lightly. Nursing is a constantly evolving and rewarding career for all, but especially men which only recently have been attracted to the career in larger numbers than in previous centuries. Getting into and surviving nursing school can be as challenging and daunting as any other profession but can arguably be considered more rewarding. Men sometimes struggle with stereotypes within the career field because generally society looks at them as being less of a caregiver and more of a provider. Men are …show more content…

After receiving a degree, finding a job is considered by some to be exponentially easier. With nursing having a very high projected job growth, an increase in population and specialty care clinics, and the permeation of health epidemics in today’s society, finding a rewarding career as a nurse is very likely. Some characteristics of this career that individuals find attractive is the hefty salary which is competitive and increase with experience/specialization. Many nurses are also viewed very respectfully and the career comes with high job satisfaction. Nursing also offers individuals the ability to “change” careers, without having to receive another degree and learn new skills. With many specializations available for nurses, one could constantly experience a new environment and new people. While these specializations may require some on-the-job training or minimal education, the change is much more fluid than a …show more content…

Registered nursing has a projected job growth of 19%, and increases yearly due to the number of elderly individuals and the rise of epidemics, like obesity and heart disease. As the healthcare profession broadens and new techniques are developed, nurse’s education and responsibilities must also evolve. This ever increasing demand for qualified nurses, especially specialized individuals warrants high job security which is a comfort many careers in the United States lack in the present economic dilemma. Many areas are available for employment as a RN including but not limited to hospitals, public health, teaching, prisons, home-health, industrial, and clinics. This allows a RN to change job scenery without completely changing careers. Flexible work hours is another huge benefit of this career choice. Many hospitals and clinics over 3-day work weeks, allotting plenty of time for family/personal life. Traveling nurses also work on a contractual basis, allowing for extensive travel opportunities and the ability to take time off in between contracts. Other benefits include a high salary package that only increases with experience and increased education, health insurance at some facilities, paid time off which consist of sick and vacation days, and extreme mental satisfaction. Nursing is a prime career for individuals to express proper values by providing care to those injured and

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