Lack Of Working Registered Nurse Essay

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With the lack of educational programs to bring in new nurses there is a simultaneous problem of the aging population of current nurses. In a 2002 survey it was found that “one third of registered nurses are now over fifty years of age, that proportion is expected to rise to 40% over the next decade” (Dworkin 23). With such a large amount of the workforce aging towards retirement and not enough new nurses to replace them the RNs left in the middle are being stretched even thinner than they previously were. This has led to larger patient loads per nurse and a lack of time available for nurses to spend with their patients and a perceived decrease in patient care. The stress and extra demands on these nurses has led many to feel increasing job dissatisfaction and according to the same 2002 survey “one in five seriously considering leaving the profession” (Dworkin 23). The lack of working registered nurses has been aggravated further by the increasing demand for skilled nurses to care for the aging baby boomer generation. With the baby boomer generation, adults who were born between 1946 and 1964, aging and developing many of the health problems that come along with age there is an increasing need for nurses to provide care. Lara Jakes claims, “that in nursing homes alone …show more content…

But with the current shortage things become more difficult on the current nurses and their patients. By not having enough educational opportunities available to those who want to learn the trade and an aging work force with large numbers of employees approaching retirement coupled with a dramatic increase in the number of patients in need of care the shortage has become quite concerning for many in the health care industry. Hopefully as the causes become identified by those in charge of nurse recruitment new steps can be taken to fix the problem and end the

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