The Extent And Impact That Staff Shortage Has On Administration

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Problem Identification The extent and impact that Staff Shortage has on administration are: balancing quality and safety with efficiency, providing everyone with access to basic medical care, prescription shortage and building and sustaining the workforce needed for the future. According to the Department of Labor staff shortage in the healthcare industry will reach crisis levels within the next decade. It’s time now to reinvent the wheel in healthcare systems. While this is alarming to hospitals, clinics and physician offices they will continue to face difficulties as a result of the shortage. One division that appearances to be most seriously affected is that of home healthcare nursing. This is because of the large amount of baby boomers.
Hospital in the U.S. and aboard are in severe need of health care workers. While the multitude of baby boomer is currently swelling the need for quality health care is growing. The nursing population is aging more and more nurses are retiring and moving into primary care settings. These consequences mean many hospitals and other organization need more nurses to provide specialized care.
The Baby boom bubble
“The baby boom of 1946 to 1964 was followed by the 11-year baby …show more content…

Staff Shortage has been an ongoing problem for decades and all that is being done is talks about solutions. Increasing salaries and improving work condition. Hiring more quality people and fulfilling the demand that is needed to run each facility properly. These few things might not prevent all problems, but making improvements in interdisciplinary teamwork, combined with making certain that providers and administrators have greater interdisciplinary education in improving quality and building safer environments for patients, could mitigate their harmful

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