Jean Watson Theory

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Nurses play an essential role in the healthcare industry. The nurse workforce is made up of licensed nurses: registered nurses (RNs), licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs), along with nurse aides. Registered nurses are responsible for assessments of patients’ needs, development of care plans, medication administration, and treatments, while licensed vocational nurses perform specific care under the delegation of the registered nurses and supervisions. Nursing aides perform activities of daily living (unskilled attention) to the patient. Adequate nursing staffing is essential to both patient care and outcomes, also to the retention of nurses while inadequate staffing creates problems for both the patients and …show more content…

Jean Watson’s theory of care is a grand theory which falls into middle-range theory. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring described care as both an art and science. The framework of the method of care accepts art, science, humanities, spirituality and new directions on mind, body, spirit, medicine, and nursing (_______). With high nurse to patient ration, the nurse will not be able to provide the ten carative factors of Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of care. They will also not be able to perform all the necessary care and treatments required for a patient. Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of care addressed the nurse to patient ration, according to the method “nursing is positioned with caring of the sick, prevention of sickness, restoration of health and promotion of health. This process includes the process of assessment, plan, intervention, and evaluation. On the review, the nurse observes, identifies, review problem(s) and forms a care plan that will be used in appropriate nursing care. When the nurse to patient ratio is low, the nurse will not be able to perform this assessment. This will result in a reduction of patients’ outcomes, medical errors, frequent re-admissions, patient deaths. Nurses experienced unsatisfied work environment, fatigue, burnout and increased in career change leading to the nursing …show more content…

Utilitarianism was established around the 18th and mid-19th century and is a legacy from both philosophy and classic economic theory (_____). There are three assumptions under utilitarianism. The first is that people are purposive and driven to capitalize on maternal benefits from interactions among others in a free and competitive marketplace. Next, representatives have access to the necessary info to evaluate options and analyze expenses of every possibility in a free market. Lastly, people can judiciously select which activities will increase their profits based on calculations (McEwen & Wills, 2014; Turner, 2013). This social theory has been applied in nursing management and

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