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  • A Nurse: A Career As A Nurse

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    A nurse is one of the jobs that I like the most. One of my dreams become a Doctor or a nurse, a nurse is someone who helps the doctor in evaluating patients who are sick or have a medical problem. There are different types of nurses that you could be. If you like newborns or kids you could consider being a Nurse Pediatrician. It has good and bad situations because nurses see kids who are sick, but at the same time they also feel glad in helping. There are also nurses who enjoy helping older people

  • Relationship Between Nurses And Nurses

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    essential. Nurses, who form the largest percentage of employees in the health facility, should maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their publics both internal and external. The internal publics of a nurse include: doctors, other nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, laboratory personnel, casuals etc. whereas the external publics of a nurse include the clients or patients, family members or relatives and the community surrounding the health facility. Relationships between Nurses and physicians;

  • Nurse Staffing

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    of hospital nursing shortage has resulted to inadequate nurse staffing, which affects our nursing care to our patients and our satisfaction towards our job. Understanding how nursing staffing levels affect both patient and nurse outcomes prompted these researchers to conduct a study on hospital nurse staffing levels (Aiken, Clarke, Sloane, Sochalski, & Silber, 2002). The purpose of their study was to examine the relationship between the nurse-to-patient ratio and surgical patient outcomes, specifically

  • Nurse Shortage In Nursing

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    Nursing is a strenuous job that demands physical and emotional resilience. Nurses juggle may different aspects in health care, from sick patients, worried families and stressed out doctors. The hours they log in are long, often requiring nights, weekends, holidays, with shifts lasting up to 12 hours and sometimes more.  While many strive to become great healers, the fact remains, that the shortage of nurses is becoming a nightmare for hospital management and administration. Doctors, Hospitals, out-patient/

  • Essay On Nurse Practitioner

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    A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who have received advance training and knowledge to provide health promotion and maintenance through the diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental acute and chronic illiness. Their role focuses on individualized care of a patient 's medical issue and the effects of the illness on the patient and the family. Informing patients about their healthcare and getting them active

  • Nurse Leadership Roles

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    Nurse Leader The increase health care demands, complexity and advancement of technology had challenged the nurse’s knowledge, competence, commitments and interpersonal skills. In healthcare industry nurses are required in each level of the healthcare system as they are constantly connected with patients and they have various responsibilities and roles to play. As a nurse one of the main roles is being a leader. In order to take up the leadership role the nurses need to have knowledge and skills

  • Reflection For School Nurses

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    School Nurse Reflection For this assignment I was able to interview and observe two licensed school nurses, Dawn Swanson at Highland Park Senior High School and Mary Hurtley at Highland Park Middle School. Highland Senior HS is located in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, MN. Enrollment is approximately 1200 students in the ninth through twelfth grade. Highland Park Middle School is adjacent to the High School Campus with 800 students in the sixth through eigth grade. Both schools serve

  • Nurse Client Relationships

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    fact that there are still a number of improvements needed to be undertaken to build strong nurse-client relationship. As asserted by Prest and Keller (1993) that different levels of interaction systems are required to explore the perceptions of people regarding their lives, their existence and their problems in order to understand and/or craft better ways to solve the problems, creating and sustaining strong nurse-client relationships is one factor that go a long way to enhancing EBP. I observe too

  • Nurse To Patient Retention

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    Nurse to Patient Ratio as it Affects Nurse Retention Nurse to patient ratios, unsafe staffing, and job satisfaction are topics on many nursing units within the hospitals today. The changes in the nurse to patient ratios, has led to a widespread real and perceived increase in RN workload, patient safety concerns, and nurse and consumer complaints. As a nurse leader, it has been noted there is an increased nurse turnover rate. What is it like for bedside medical-surgical registered nurses (P) to experience

  • Nurse Doctor Relationship

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    1317625 Nurse-Doctor Relationship: The Issue Of Power Relation By Muhammad Ahmad New Straits times D octor and nurses are the biggest number of individual worked as a health care professionals. The doctor and nurses work together as a partner and need to have a good communication between them to ensure the best treatment and care plan can be given to their patients. A good relationship between doctors and nurses as a health care providers are the major determinant for the good quality of the healthcare

  • Essay On Nurse Shortage

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    Talking about nurses’ shortage, it is worldwide problems whereby nurses’ demands go above the proportion at which are being employed. The nurse-patient ratio is at the high rise, and the job opportunities for the nurses are the high rate, but the nurses employed are so less to what is being demand for the organizations. The problem of the nurses’ shortage is not just new things that just happened; it has been an existing problem that has been facing many health care organizations which make it difficult

  • Characteristics Of A Registered Nurse

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    registered nurse? What are the qualities you need to become a nurse? The nursing profession is as much about kindness and caring for the whole person as it is about medical and technical knowledge. When considering a career as a registered nurse the qualifications can appear to be never-ending, however, with dedication, determination, and support, these qualifications are easily met. But it is the numerous traits and skills that enable a person to become a successful registered nurse. There are six

  • Night Shift Nurses

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    Working for long hours at night is a common practice for the nurses worldwide which has a negative impact on their performance. They can experience sleepiness drowsiness, lack of energy, and exhaustion. All of this can eventually result in poor thinking abilities and lethargy. Consequence of sleep deprivations can affect not only the nurses’ performance and health, but also affect the patients they deal with. This white paper discusses the prevalence, potential causes and consequences of this predicament

  • Nurse Burnout Research

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    Introduction This chapter provides a background of nurse burnout and their effect on quality of care and patients outcomes. It also includes a description of the purpose, research questions ,hypotheses and significance to conduct this study in Jordan along and the definition of the study variables. Background Burnout is the term often used, and the concept of burnout has important attention in the area of nursing. Maslach, one of the first researchers to begin investigating burnout, described it

  • Nurses Training Logbook

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    NURSES TRAINING LOGBOOK: NAME OF NURSE: PROCEDURE AREA: TRAINING EXPECTATION (i.e. Number): OBSERVATION UNDER SUPERVISION WITHOUT SUPERVISION Please tick as appropriate S/N DATE CLIENT’S REGISTRATION NUMBER PROCEDURE OBSERVED NAME/SIGNATURE OF SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: Table 6 above is the nurse’s logbook which is in booklet form and has so many leaves. Each leaf has provisions for the name of the nurse not

  • Nurse Patient Ratio

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    quantitative search, nurse to patient ratios must increase to improve safety and the clinical question that is identified in the quantitative research article is how to increase nurses to patient ratio in order to improve patient safety and quality of life especially in older adult patients. Description of the Problem The problem description in this article identified is that when there are too many patients assigned to a nurse there will not be an effective and well done job by the nurses and the patient

  • Essay On Nurse Burnout

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    What is a solution for nurse burnout? Nowadays a great of organizations are finding that the engagement and commitment of nurses coincide with good quality patient care. When nurses are better engaged and committed you’ll find that you’ll notice that they work harder and perform better in their job. You may also find less absenteeism and less turnover. This will greatly benefit the hospital or employer. Nursing is a very emotional and physically demanding job. Emotionally, since you are dealing

  • The Importance Of Nurses In Nursing

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    is widely acknowledged that nurses are a crucial component of the healthcare system. They are an integral part of clinical services and have primary responsibility for a significant proportion of patient care in most healthcare settings. Nurses are prone to occupational hazards and injuries in the course of their day to day activities in the health care settings (Isara and Ofili, 2012). Given the nature of nursing working environment, responsibilities and duties, nurses are on the frontline of numerous

  • Nurse Manager Roles

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    standards and audits. Good leadership and management skills are essential for nurse managers in today’s health care environment. The nurse managers provide practical support for the other nursing staff in their daily work. The Nurse Managers play a critical role because they influence the success of the health care organisation as well as the health care team members. According to Linda Everett, “The important role of the nurse manager is the provision of effective and high quality care in any patient

  • Nurse Manager Role

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    Nurse Managers help patients by managing the nurses who care for them. While these nurses are mainly responsible for recruitment and retention of the nursing staff and overseeing them, they also occasionally collaborate with doctors on patient care, and help assist patients and their families when needed. In this situation, clinical nurse managers serve as a representative and promote the best interests of their staff and the patients that they care for. Other duties of a clinical nurse manager