Nurse Staffing Matters

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Why Staff Nursing Matters Carmelo Perez Felician College Why Nurse Staffing Matters The Subject of the Article The article is advocating for ethical considerations in the process of Nurse Staffing in healthcare institutions. The article illustrates why Nurse Staffing must be done with a degree of excellence and by use of evidence that matches the nurses’ skills, proficiencies, and experience against a patient’s medical and safety needs. Major Themes in the Article The major themes addressed in this article include: Excellent and Evidence in Nurse Staffing, and a call for action. Important Points Raised by the Article and Why The article states that it is unethical for health care institutions to engage in understaffing as well as poor staffing of nurses. This conclusion was reached by the American Nurses Code of Ethics, which is grounded on the premise that it is the nurse’s sole obligation to meet each and every patient’s medical need. Clearly, appropriate nurse staffing is very likely to reverse the trend of death and injuries of patients in the U.S. hospitals. Consequently, safe staff nursing is linked to patient safety and satisfaction.…show more content…
Undeniably, the risks that occur as a result of medical errors are transferred to the patient. Furthermore, nurses are also at risk of losing their jobs because they can become the subjects of legal suits, especially when patient injuries and deaths are linked to medical errors. On the contrary, implementation of an effective nurse staffing becomes a remedy that will greatly benefit nursing as a profession. Implications of Nurse Staffing on Nursing Practice There is a positive correlation between effective staffing of nurses and the quality of patient care and safety. As discussed earlier, nurses who work in safe and stress-free environments are more likely to keep their jobs, which leads to retention of the highly qualified and experienced registered nurses. Implications of Nurse Staffing on Health Care in the
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