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  • Influence Of Nursing In Nursing

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    shape the profession of nursing. The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 [HPCA] and Nursing Council of New Zealand Code of Conduct for Nurses 2012 [COC] underpin the nursing practice, in order to promote the nursing profession. Professional boundaries play an important role in nursing. This essay will identify and discuss how the historical influence which is Florence Nightingale and the contemporary influence that is education has shaped the profession of nursing, the purpose and impact

  • Nursing Reflection In Nursing

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    and put up the bed rails. In order to cope with stress, the instant ways to reduce tension is to perform deep breathing exercises and stretching (Rivera Center, 2014). Communication is essential for holistic nursing care (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). In order to make a correct nursing diagnosis, nurses need to allow patient to convey fears and concerns. Understanding patient’s concern and experience is part of effective communication. In order to address patient’s concern, the nurse need to

  • Definition Of Nursing In Nursing

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    1.6.1 Nurse A nurse is a person who has undergone a period of three years of nursing training and had passed the nursing board exams and been certified to function as a Registered Nurse. A registered nurse is a nurse that had undergone three years of education and could have an associate with bachelors or masters degree. There are many different work areas that nurses are required such as hospital, clinic, nursing home as well as industries. Therefore nurses do have an option to choose the work

  • Nursing Reflection In Nursing

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    task within a ward setting. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), 2015 describe reflection as a process where nurses are given the opportunity to reflect on significant events that have taken place and explore their knowledge and practical skills in an objective way. Using analysis and evaluating the nurses actions, provides a learning opportunity, allowing future practice to be improved including professional development and patient safety (Nursing and Midwifery Council, (NMC) 2015). For this assignment

  • Nursing Assessment In Nursing

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    When I think about nursing I think about what our actions and interventions as nurses, and how we utilize our nursing skills. Basically, the foundation of nursing simplified is what do nurses do? Nurses play a major role in health care. We must have an understanding that our idea of healthy and our patients are usually very different. Nurses must explore ways to address the idea of wellness with each patient, and that is done by education and assessments. Nurse’s must have a clear understanding

  • Nursing Theory In Nursing

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    Introduction Nursing models and theories provide guidance to nurses and it gives a rationale for various nursing interventions (Hood, 2018). The Growth Model of Change helps people to realize their full potential. In the nursing practice, the growth model of change is used as the framework, which encompasses the caring theory or complexity theory (Hood, 2018). In this paper, I will focus on the Jean Watson’s Human Caring Science Theory and how it plays a major role in nursing care. Caring helps

  • Nursing Challenges In Nursing

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    Nurses often faced a variety of challenges in order to maintain quality of patients’ care, in line with the changes in medicine and nursing profession. Nurses need to be mastered in all aspects and play really important roles in providing effective and efficient care to the patients. They need to deal with emotional and professional demand of many people, especially the patients. With the development of advanced technologies and various specializations in medicine, there are many requests for

  • Nursing Shortage In Nursing

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    Nursing Shortage According to Nictitas, Middaugh, and Aries (2106), nurses are the largest segment of the healthcare workforce and are indispensable when it comes to quality patient care, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. It is projected by 2020; there will be a shortage of over 500,000 nurses (Nictitas, Middaugh & Aries, 2016). A shortage of this magnitude will have a negative impact on our healthcare system. This paper will attempt to reflect on the issues that have resulted

  • Nursing Theory In Nursing Practice

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    Nursing theory has potential to improve nursing practice. It strengthens the nursing focus of care. It changes the way we think, and it turns our attention. The nursing theory does not tell us how to do the particular nursing activity. It tells us why a nursing particular activity is important to a patient at that specific time. It guides our thought processes and focuses on the specific areas to bring the patient back to a certain point where he or she can have a quality life. It gives us a

  • Nursing Vocation In Nursing Care

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    The nursing vocation has undergone plentiful changes over the last several years. The early1980s witnessed a change to the entire registered nursing recruitment that resulted in nursing care being exclusively given by extremely trained nurses. Today, there is a focal point on a nursing professional as a controller of a group of care providers with a wide range of specially developed capabilities and knowledge. As a result of this transition a registered nurse is often considered to be answerable

  • Nursing Diagnosis In Nursing

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    Nursing Diagnosis The following nursing diagnosis’ is based off of our families weaknesses and strengths. It is important for the family to know their strengths and problems to limit potential problems in the future like: conflicts between family members and family stability. The most important problem that K. S. faces is caregiver role strain. While S. S. is at work and going to school full-time, K. S. is busy taking care of the day care and their two daughters, M. S and A. S.. K. S. also are busy

  • Nursing Vs Neonatal Nursing

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    leading the battle to keep our babies alive”.(A Quote) The career that I choice is Neonatal Nursing. The reason why I choice Neonatal nursing was because I enjoy taking care of younger children that need my help with many different things. Neonatal Nursing gets to save babies and younger kids lives if they are healthy and able to go home with their parents when they are first born. The Neonatal Nursing gets to help families that are in need of them to take care of their babies when they are born

  • Icu Nursing Theory In Nursing

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    family 's well-being may be affected if their needs are not fulfilled. Nurses are in best position to assist family members to deal with these stressful circumstances. The theory of facilitated sensemaking, a middle -range theory delivers a set of nursing actions to support family members of ICU patients, helping them to make sense of what has happened and guide them in their new roles. Facilitated sensemaking is formulated from 1.) Roy’s adaptation model, where it allows the family to adapt to a new

  • Nursing: Absenteeism And Attrition In Nursing

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    Introduction Nursing as a profession outright several standard implicit in those who pursue nursing as their career. A nurse must be honest, liability, increase knowledge, respect patient, equality for all patients and the desire to prevent and allay suffering. Specifically, nurses have chosen this profession to assist others in need and to promote quality of life for patients. Moore (2009) suggested that the aspect of a profession must include the knowledge to broaden up and progress in the techniques

  • Importance Of Nursing In Nursing

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    more advanced skills, particularly in assessment and counseling (Canadian Nurses Association, 1992). Nurses, particularly those working in emergency rooms, have to develop skills to deal with patients in crisis. Perhaps the biggest challenge for nursing and other health professionals is the shift in focus for treating mental illness from the institution to the community (Canadian Nurses Association, 1992). The goal for people with mental illness is to manage their condition in the community. For

  • Nursing: The Impact Of Stress In Nursing

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    choose Nursing as my profession because this is what I am passionate about, to take care and help to save the lives of many people. And of course dreaming of working abroad. And being as a nurse means you are mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and lastly financially ready. (Nurses are always penniless and nurses are one of the lowest paid job here in the Philippines.) There may be times when you find that you are stressed, exhausted and wondering what it’s all about. Nursing worklife

  • The Advantages Of Nursing Audit In Nursing Practice

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    CONCEPT 10: THE ADVANTAGES OF NURSING AUDIT IN NURSING PRACTICE This concept is derived from Block 5, Module 12 which is entitled as “Quality outcomes”. Nursing audit is the process of assessing and evaluating the quality of nursing care provided to patients. 10.1 Personal context Nursing audit entails assessing the quality of nursing services to determine if it meets up with the standard that is required. Nursing audit is done to evaluate the nursing care provided to patients, to achieve the required

  • Nursing: A Definition Of Professional Autonomy In Nursing

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    9. PROFESSIONAL AUTONOMY IN NURSING Nursing has come a long way from being the hand maidens of the physician to having control over nursing knowledge and practice. It now has two essential ingredients of accountability and autonomy. There is more demand from the nurses now than in the past when all they were expected to do was just to provide comfort and care. They were just meant to assist the physician during treatment, assist in the patients personal hygiene administer medication that is

  • Nursing: The Application Of Ethical Principles In Nursing

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    Ethical Principles In Nursing Ana Is Autonomy means to regulate itself, this moral principle as the basis for the nurse in providing nursing care by way of appreciating the patient, that the patient is able to determine something for him. The nurse should involve patients in making decisions about the nursing care given to patients. prinsip autonomy based on the belief that the individual is capable of logical thinking and able to make your own decisions. Adults are deemed competent and have the

  • Importance Of Nursing Process In Nursing

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    9. Nursing process, (M6). Nursing process refers to the practice that nurses utilize to manage client care. This process deals with the way nurses think and function in organizing and providing clinical client care. This becomes deep-rooted in their subconscious and are utilized in providing care. It encompasses different steps which are: • Assessment • Diagnosis • Planning • Implementation • Evaluation It can be said to be the summation of all the collective stages leading to the achievement

  • Nursing Case: Negligence And Malpractice In Nursing

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    Introduction Negligence is the failure to discharge reasonable care, which reasonable care refer to duty that would be done by any competent nurse (Nursing Board Malaysia, 1998), while malpractice is the negligence committed by a professional personal. In this case, the parents in order to held healthcare personnel liable for malpractice in causing amputation of the baby’s hand, they need to prove in the court that the plaintiff fulfill all the 5 elements which include: - Duty owed - Breach of

  • Nursing Concepts: Community Health Nursing: General Nursing

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    CONCEPT 10: COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING This concept is taken from module 11 of block 7 entitled “General Nursing”. 10.1 Significance of the Concept Community health nursing is the synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promote and protect the health of population. It combines all the basic elements of professional, clinical nursing with public health and community practice (Basavanthappa, 2007). Community health nursing is very essential particularly at this time because it maximizes

  • Perioperative Nursing Role In Nursing

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    preoperative fasting, obtaining informed consent, or immediate postoperative care (Tea, 2010) Pre-Operative Care When a patient is schedule for a surgical procedure, they are firstly admitted to the ward. This will involve a medical history, a nursing assessment, the provision of written or verbal information and tests. The baseline observations are required and should be recorded: Blood pressure; pulse, respirations, temperature, oxygen saturations, and blood glucose (if appropriate). After this

  • Reflection In Nursing

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    complete professional development as nursing is one of the professions where professionalism is of utmost importance. The Nursing Council of New Zealand sets a series of professional behaviours to ensure that all nurses are competent to deliver safe and effective care (Nursing Council of New Zealand [NCNZ], 2012a). This essay will describeseveral principles, and standards of the Code of Conduct and illustrate how these principles and standards are embodied in nursing practice. It begins with asummary

  • Understaffing In Nursing

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    The understaffing of nurses is an issue that has rapidly affected the nursing field of both Australia (locally) and the rest of the world (globally) (Oulton, 2006). The issue has resulted in nurses not being able to successfully achieve our duty and work requirements, comprising the needs and safety of the patients in our care (Twigg, Duffield, Thompson & Rapley, 2010). Due to the issue hindering the role and outcomes of the nurse’s work, nurses cannot successfully contribute to the common good and

  • Attitude In Nursing

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    prepared nurse often holds leadership roles and should lead by positive example and commit to a higher quality of care. There should be a commitment made by the bachelor prepared nurse to be a mentor and role model (American Association of Colleges of Nursing - QSEN, 2012). Too often nurses are stressed in their jobs and less than acceptable attitudes are displayed. While humans and making errors and not always being the person that we want to be, as a nurse we have a responsibility. As a bachelors prepared

  • The Nursing Process: The Five Phases Of The Nursing Profession

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    The nursing profession encompasses collaborative and autonomous care of individuals of all ages, families, communities and groups, either sick or well. According to International Code of Nurses (2002) nursing includes health promotion, prevention of illness and caring for the ill, disabled and dying individuals. The nursing process guides the actions of the nurse and is a modified version of the scientific method used in the medical profession. It was developed by Ida Jean Orlando in 1958, and

  • Nursing Ethics: The Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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    the patient has the right to keep the situation confidential (CNO, 2009, p.7). Confidentiality is “keeping personal information private related to the physical, psychological, social health of clients, and any information collected during providing nursing services” (CNO, 2009, p.7). In everyday life, nurses attend to ethics by following the rules, in which they carry their daily interaction, including how they approach and reflect on their ethical commitment they made with their patients (Stamler,

  • Respect In Nursing

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    HS 1021- Development of Relationship Centred Practice INTRODUCTION: In this essay I will consider how I would use a nursing concept, respect whilst undertaking elimination needs. I will give clear definition of the concept (respect) and a nursing skill of my choice which is elimination needs. I will also, identify how the concept and skill is relevant in nursing. The main part of the assignment is to outline how respect would influence how elimination needs is undertaken in placement. Elimination

  • Nursing Assessment: The Six Steps Of The Nursing Process

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    to demonstrate clinical judgment utilizing the six steps of the nursing process. The nursing process is a systematic method of assessing, diagnosing, planning, delivering and evaluating individualized care for patients in any state of health or illness. Based on the scientific problem-solving method, it constitutes for the foundation for the nursing practice (Baraki, Girmay, Kidanu, Gerensea, Gezehgne, & Teklay, 2017). The nursing process is a method used by the nurse professional to administer

  • Nursing Theory, Concept And Principles Of Nursing

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    Nursing is a science, an art, a helping service and a technology. It is a unique human science and focuses on phenomena related to human health. Nursing science provides the basic of professional nursing care practice. Nursing science will help to analyse and understand the nursing theory, concept and goals of care practice. Goal of nursing is to provide the patient or family member of meeting the patient ‘s self care needs, maintain patient health, recover or regain normal state of health in the

  • Nursing Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas And Ethics In Nursing

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    the same moral dilemmas can be made, resulting in neither a “right nor wrong” decision. Ethics involves doing “good” and causing no harm. Yet how one expresses what is ethical can differ from nurse to nurse. Educating nurses on the principles of nursing ethics give them the appropriate tools to base ethical decisions upon. Nevertheless, this information is then moulded by the values, beliefs and experiences of the nurse. Therefore, very different choices may be made regarding the same dilemma. Restraint

  • Nursing: Definition Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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    information for the self-awareness of one’s thinking, and his conceptual ability to use this to take risks and add creativity. The nursing process is an important and integral part of the practice of nursing since long and has been effectively used to solve the problems and use this as an activity for thinking and planning for caring as a professional in the nursing practice. Definition of Critical thinking There is no such globally acknowledged definition of critical thinking; however as per the

  • Differences Of Psychology And Nursing In The Nursing Field

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    Many people think that psychology and nursing are different that psychology is not needed in the nursing field but psychology has a lot to do with nursing. Nursing is primarily assisting the patient of activities contributing to health or its recovery that they would perform unaided if they had the necessary strength, will or knowledge. Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. What do these two have in common, well they many things in common and couple differences. Psychology can

  • Nursing: What Are My Strengths In Nursing

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    quality I possess that I think is a strength in nursing is that I love to teach and adapt to my patient’s learning styles based on their priority needs. I think teaching is an essential part of nursing because you find ways of somehow passing on essential knowledge needed by your patients in order to treat, ease, prevent and manage certain disease processes. I’ve been told by various patients and healthcare professionals that I have a special quality of nursing care that I deliver to my patients. What

  • Nursing: What Nursing Means To Me

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    What does nursing mean to me? Nursing means helping people heal, meeting their needs while they are in your care, listening to concerns, protecting them from harm, and educating them how to care for themselves while treating them with dignity, compassion and respect and giving of yourself to the care of people and community. It is having compassion for people and their health and being a humanitarian, making sure they receive the best care possible. Nurses must also treat families of patients with

  • Influence Nursing Practice And My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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    Philosophy of Nursing Introduction Nursing is a discipline that is guided by philosophical orientations that create a base for the development of nursing theories that translate into clinical practice. McEwen and Wills (2014) state, “rather than focus on solving problems or answering questions related to that discipline, the philosophy of a discipline studies the concepts that structure the thought process of that discipline with the intent of recognizing and revealing foundations and presuppositions”

  • Hildegard E Peplau's Theory Of Nursing Theories In Nursing

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    quality problem.” () Therefore, it is important for a nurse to learn about nursing theories in order to help them to take care of their patients. Nursing theories provide a framework for nurses to address different health care problems of their patients, especially for nurses who are lacking nursing experience. Nurses can modify from different models and develop their own philosophy when they have more experience. Different nursing theories have different strength and limitations. Here is a brief discussion

  • The Nature Of Nursing Leadership In Nursing Health Care Services

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    HOW EFFECTIVE IS NURSING LEADERSHIP IN DELIVERING QUALITY HEALTHCARE SERVICES SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONCEPT A Nurse leader is someone who inspired two or more nurses to work together in pursuit of a common goal which is that of delivering quality health care services. An effective leader has a distinctive set of personal trait which makes them to be admired by others nursing is a unique profession and nurses holds the key to quality services delivery. Nursing leadership hold the success of quality

  • Nursing Theory And Application Of Nursing Theories In Practice

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    NURSING THEORIES AND HOW IT APPLIES TO THE CLINICAL AREA BY TRACEY WILLIAMS: ID# 2015060069 TABLE OF CONTENTS . Introduction 2. Objectives 3. Definitions 4. Characteristics of a Useful Theory 5. Importance of a Useful Theory 6. Evolution of Nursing Theories & Application 7. Characteristics of Theories 8. Purpose of Nursing Theories in Practice 9. Different Theory used in Nursing 10. Three nursing theorist selected, for their contribution of Nursing & Application to the clinical area. 11. Conclusion

  • The Importance Of Nursing Assessment

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    Nursing assessment has a significant role in providing effective, accurate and safe nursing care in clinical practice. Nursing assessment is the first stage of the Nursing Process. It is used to explore the physical, psychological, spiritual and social aspect of the patient’s life. It is therefore a holistic and systematic guide for nurses to obtain a greater understanding of their patient’s wants and needs. It is the underlying foundation of the process, on which other phases of the process are

  • Nursing Ethics: The Meaning, Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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    Introduction Ethics is an essential part of the nursing profession and forms the basis thereof. There is a code of Ethics by the South African Nursing Council to remind all nursing practitioners of their responsibilities towards individuals, families, and the community. This assignment will look at the importance of ethics regarding the meaning, development of ethics, different ethical principles and the application of ethical theories in nursing education. (SANC; As stated in the preamble of the

  • Importance Of Discipline In Nursing

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    study the discipline of nursing? In this letter, I intend to attempt in answering this question. In contemplation of stating the reasons why, it is crucial to understand what constitutes a discipline. A discipline is generally defined as a branch of study. Disciplines is a unique body of knowledge, a unique perspective or way of viewing something. It defined the boundaries in which we practice. Nurses has to be educationally prepared to base their practice on complex nursing knowledge distinct to the

  • Importance Of Abandonment In Nursing

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    Abandonment and Nursing The career of nursing is more than just healing the sick. Nursing often causes nurses to face moral and ethical dilemmas. “Ethics refers to principles of right and wrong behaviors, beliefs, and values (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2015, p. 420).” When new graduate nurses begin their careers the first twelve months are a great time to gain a better understanding of personal beliefs and how they can affect patient care. Nursing is a highly respected profession and patients will seek advice

  • Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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    Teamwork, communication, and delegation in nursing are variables dependent on one another for success. This post is the first in a series on nursing delegation in which we will discuss the team nursing model, the RN 's role in task delegation, and how effective communication fosters teamwork which leads to better outcomes for patients and employees. Detailed and timely communication among registered nurses (RNs) and other team members, leads to improved quality measures and outcomes. In fact, studies

  • Examples Of Caring In Nursing

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    Caring Caring and nursing are so intertwined that nursing always appeared on the same page in a Google search for the definition of caring. Caring is “a feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others; showing or having compassion” (The Free Dictionary, 2002, para. 2). As these definitions show, caring is a feeling that also requires an action.  9.j Dr. Jean Watson’s caring theory is well known in nursing. The three major elements of her theory are the carative factors, the transpersonal

  • Significance Of The Concept Of Nursing

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    CONCEPT 3: HOLISTIC NURSING This concept is taken from module 3 of block 7 entitled “General Nursing”. 3.1. Significance of the concept Holistic health views the physical, intellectual, socio-cultural, psychological and spiritual aspects of a person’s life as an integrated whole. These five aspects cannot be separated or isolated; anything that affects one aspect of a persons life also affects the other aspects. Holistic nursing is a way of being in which the nurse brings a state of harmony or

  • The Importance Of Nurses In Nursing

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    for a significant proportion of patient care in most healthcare settings. Nurses are prone to occupational hazards and injuries in the course of their day to day activities in the health care settings (Isara and Ofili, 2012). Given the nature of nursing working environment, responsibilities and duties, nurses are on the frontline of numerous occupational hazards such as biological/infectious disease, chemical risks, environmental/ mechanical risks, physical risks, and psychosocial risks. The safety

  • Importance Of Nursing Theory

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    patients. “Nursing is a professional discipline, and nursing theory guides and informs practice” (Watson and Nelson, 2012, p 3). The purpose of this assignment is to a) identify a nursing theory, b0 analyze the importance of the nursing theorist to the nursing profession, c) summarize the concepts and relationships among the concepts of the nursing theory , and d) to present the views of the nursing theory on the Executive Nurse Specialty. Theories are used to distinguish nursing from other

  • Importance Of Discipline Nursing

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    Batok Polyclinic. I am currently studying at the University of Sydney at Singapore Institute of Management pursuing Bachelor in Nursing (Post -registration ) programme. I am writing this letter because I would like to share with you my thoughts on the important of studying the discipline of nursing. I have a deep realization that it is important to study discipline of nursing. Oxford 's dictionary defines that discipline as ‘ a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education’ . As discipline