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  • Nursing Theories In Nursing

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    NURSING THEORIES AND HOW IT APPLIES TO THE CLINICAL AREA BY TRACEY WILLIAMS: ID# 2015060069 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Objectives 2. Definitions 3. Different Theory used in Nursing 4. Three nursing theorist selected, for their contribution of Nursing & Application to the clinical area. 5. References OBJECTIVES To assess the patient condition by the various methods explained by the nursing theory To identify the needs of the patient To demonstrate an effective communication and interaction with the

  • Nursing Informatics In Nursing

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    communicate with patient regarding their illness and treatment by using ‘nursing language’. Through my own experiences, I realize that, patients understand and received information from nurses in a better way. Before nurses prepare themselves for electronic records they need to understand that it is not just about knowing how to key in the data’s and what are the required documents. Nurses need to have and use uniform nursing language as this is known to be an evidence of improvement in patient’s

  • Nursing Documentation In Nursing

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    in nursing and health care settings. Thus, the provision of planning and implementing patient health care and other recommended treatment based on the information presented in the medical records. In the nursing perspective, the patient assessment, including the initial, shift assessment of the patient is a significant purpose of the nursing documentation. Consequent to the planning of health care, implementation of care and evaluation of the treatment provided. The vitality of the nursing documentation

  • Nursing Assessment In Nursing

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    When I think about nursing I think about what our actions and interventions as nurses, and how we utilize our nursing skills. Basically, the foundation of nursing simplified is what do nurses do? Nurses play a major role in health care. We must have an understanding that our idea of healthy and our patients are usually very different. Nurses must explore ways to address the idea of wellness with each patient, and that is done by education and assessments. Nurse’s must have a clear understanding

  • Nursing Theory In Nursing

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    Introduction Nursing models and theories provide guidance to nurses and it gives a rationale for various nursing interventions (Hood, 2018). The Growth Model of Change helps people to realize their full potential. In the nursing practice, the growth model of change is used as the framework, which encompasses the caring theory or complexity theory (Hood, 2018). In this paper, I will focus on the Jean Watson’s Human Caring Science Theory and how it plays a major role in nursing care. Caring helps

  • Nursing Management In Nursing

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    inculcating entrepreneurial skills such as being a good planner and a risk taker in taking same decisions. Whenever I attend to a patient, planning comes in first. It involves setting my goals with the patient , establishing priorities, developing the nursing care and projected outcome. Goal setting is a practice that has helped me a lot even in running my daily home and family affairs. It helps you separate the needs from the wants, setting priorities right and applying the right energy towards solving

  • Nursing Research In Nursing

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    Nursing research is a systematic review designed for develop knowledge about concerns related to nurses which containing nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing administration (Polit & Beck, 2006). Based on Tingen et al (2009), nurses able to deliver a good quality care for patient by applying evidence based practice through research. Besides, nurses have to be knowledgeable in research and evidence based practice to provide the best outcome for the patients. In addition to nursing research

  • Nursing Process In Nursing

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    5 NURSING PROCESS The nursing process is a series of organized steps designed for nurses to provide excellent care. Learn the five phases, including assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating. 5:1 Personnel Context As a nurse can make a huge difference in the health of my patients by many methods. Nurses can teach their patients education regarding the disease process that make be affecting the patient at that time. Nurses give patients

  • Nursing Career In Nursing

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    I am willing to be taught and to adapt quickly. I believe that I am ready to undergo an undergraduate study and pursue a professional nursing career for I have a passion for learning and caring for others; and I have done much research and observed nurses, which has led me to be certain of my decision for a career in nursing. I believe that at UCLA School of Nursing, I will be able to expand on my interest in the sciences through the broad range of courses and also pursue my passion of learning how

  • Nursing Ethics In Nursing

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    One ethical obligation nurses are required to fulfil during their shift is to ensure no harm is done to their patient. Due to nursing shortages and too many patient’s, nurses are finding this hard to do. Ethics help nurses make the right decisions with the guidance of their morals, but due to shortages and overworked nurses they tend to feel dissatisfied with their jobs. This results from unsafe work environments, lack of time for communication and quality care of patients. “Understaffing and overtime