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    Nursing Roles in End-of-Life Decision Making Introduction Encountering death constitutes one of the most stressful events that a nurse inevitably encounters. Patients and families often face complex choices as patients approach the end of their lives. These decisions often affect many aspects of a person’s well-being and may be spiritual, psychosocial, or legal. Dying patients have to consider their wants and needs from treatment, while also considering the ramifications that can accompany these

  • Nursing Informatics In Nursing

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    Nurses main role are collaborating nursing care to the patients and information’s are gathered by continuously assessing, diagnosing, planning, intervening and evaluating. There is no doubt a nurse spends most of their time is getting all these information’s form patients. Thus nursing informatics had helped nurses gaining relevant information’s and it is known as a growing field in nursing profession. Today almost all the nurses are required to integrated technology

  • Nursing Documentation In Nursing

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    in nursing and health care settings. Thus, the provision of planning and implementing patient health care and other recommended treatment based on the information presented in the medical records. In the nursing perspective, the patient assessment, including the initial, shift assessment of the patient is a significant purpose of the nursing documentation. Consequent to the planning of health care, implementation of care and evaluation of the treatment provided. The vitality of the nursing documentation

  • Nursing Ethics In Nursing

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    One ethical obligation nurses are required to fulfil during their shift is to ensure no harm is done to their patient. Due to nursing shortages and too many patient’s, nurses are finding this hard to do. Ethics help nurses make the right decisions with the guidance of their morals, but due to shortages and overworked nurses they tend to feel dissatisfied with their jobs. This results from unsafe work environments, lack of time for communication and quality care of patients. “Understaffing and overtime

  • Nursing Management In Nursing

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    in the organisation. Planning in Nursing Process A study on factors that hinder the implementation of nursing process was recently conducted by a hospital in Ebonyi State Nigeria mentioned that nurses do not have the skill of assessment necessary to obtained input on which the care plan is developed, lack the ability to identify the contents of independent nursing function and making nursing judgements inability to identify the contents of independent nursing funcition and to see a purpose

  • Nursing Process In Nursing

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    5 NURSING PROCESS The nursing process is a series of organized steps designed for nurses to provide excellent care. Learn the five phases, including assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating. 5:1 Personnel Context As a nurse can make a huge difference in the health of my patients by many methods. Nurses can teach their patients education regarding the disease process that make be affecting the patient at that time. Nurses give patients resources to improve their lives

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    Nursing Interventions Patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease MUST receive their medication on schedule. This is the most important nursing intervention for a nurse to remember. When the medication for Parkinson’s disease is not administered as scheduled the chemical in the body become imbalances and signs and symptom of the disease process become uncontrolled, resulting in a decrease in the patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living for themselves and an increase in the amount of

  • Nursing Communication In Nursing

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    The communication between nurse and patient is one of the basic principles in nursing care and is of the important strategies for improving the quality of care(1).communication level between nurses and patient is one of main patient experience(2). Several studies have identified communication as a pre-requisite for revealing patient symptoms, concerns, and issues, and thereby an important skill to obey of the treatment, diagnostic, health promotion, and rehabilitation programs(3-5). Considering

  • Nursing Records In Nursing

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    RECORDS This concept was taken from module 10 “Nursing information sub-topic 2”. “Nursing Records and Report”. In the hospital, records are known to be written information relevant to patient’s health care management. Records are what are used in writing down all information about a patient’s health status and treatments administered and the effect of the treatment and the outcome at last. The nurses in the hospital keeps records of their nursing care, the doctor’s document all treatment rendered

  • Nursing Challenges In Nursing

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    Nurses often faced a variety of challenges in order to maintain quality of patients’ care, in line with the changes in medicine and nursing profession. Nurses need to be mastered in all aspects and play really important roles in providing effective and efficient care to the patients. They need to deal with emotional and professional demand of many people, especially the patients. With the development of advanced technologies and various specializations in medicine, there are many requests for

  • Nursing Trends In Nursing

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    different trends in nursing • The Image of nursing today • Nursing shortage • Technology • Traditions in nursing Introduction Nursing as a profession has many trends some of which are challenged today while others are much honored and valued. Trends in nursing are closely tied to what is happening to healthcare in general. Nursing as a profession is, and will continue to be responsive to and influenced by the society. Therefore, most of the activities occurring within the nursing field also reflect

  • Nursing Issues In Nursing

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    DeMarco NYIT: Department of Nursing Short-Staffed, Workplace Violence and Mandatory Overtime: An IOM Nursing Issues Paper I view nursing as a process of continuous growth and pursuit of knowledge to provide competent compassionate care. Registered Nursing Professionals try to deliver the highest level of patient care to ensure satisfaction; however, they face many challenges and issues that hinder their ability to properly deliver client care. There are various issues in nursing that needs to be addressed

  • Nursing Leadership In Nursing

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    leadership in nursing is grounded in the knowledge of the needs of patients; knowledge of skills, individual characteristics and needs of the staff employees; and objectives implemented by the group. The strongest feature of is the stimulation of motivation for each employee to develop their potential, and to take care of a particular patient where the employee recognizes that he was considered the best qualified who provided with a service that meets his needs . My leadership in nursing allows me to

  • Nursing Professionalism In Nursing

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    Being a nurse, professionalism is a top priority. Whether we decide to be floor nurses in a hospital, public health nurses or working in a home health setting, we are all held up to the same standard. Professionalism can mean a number of different things. For me, it means respecting the dignity and safety of my patients, being dressed uniformly and presentably, attitude, and personal integrity and accountability. In the coming paragraphs, I will explain what each of these aspects means as well as

  • Nursing Conflict In Nursing

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    This situation presented an unresolved conflict between myself and the vice principal in my clinical placement. This conflict can be linked with the nursing concepts of interprofessional collaboration and communication, role clarification, and power. Therefore, it is understandable that nursing students working within an interprofessional team that does not demonstrate respect and understanding will result to ineffective care, health promotion delivery, and impede professional development. Interprofessional

  • Nursing Experience In Nursing

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    8 EXPERTISE IN NURSING High demand for nurses to give quality and standard care has led to an increase in innovative nursing practice. How can these standards and innovations be maintained progressively to meet the dynamics in health care? .The only way is to continue to develop nurses knowledge and skills to the point where they become experts. According to Patricia Benner a nurse theorist, it is by the nurse practitioner gaining experience to the point where they become

  • Nursing Reflection In Nursing

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    task within a ward setting. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), 2015 describe reflection as a process where nurses are given the opportunity to reflect on significant events that have taken place and explore their knowledge and practical skills in an objective way. Using analysis and evaluating the nurses actions, provides a learning opportunity, allowing future practice to be improved including professional development and patient safety (Nursing and Midwifery Council, (NMC) 2015). For this assignment

  • Nursing Practice In Nursing

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    The training program also included exercises on value clarification, self awareness and development of nursing plan based on a case scenario were given to study participants (Nurses) for two days (5 hrs/day) in collaboration with the inservice education department of the

  • Nursing Turnover In Nursing

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    1999). A high nursing turnover impacts serious challenges at all levels in healthcare delivery. The commonest negative influence of turnover in the context of the work environment is the inability of a health facility or organization to meet the patients’ needs and less

  • Nursing Role In Nursing

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    Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, facilitation of healing, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. It is the unique role of a nurse to care for individuals sick or well, in hospital or at home. For many of us when we think of nursing and nurses, our thoughts are diverted to a hospital setting