The Importance Of Negligence In Nursing

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Negligence: Negligence is conduct that falls below the standards of behaviour established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm. (Gayle, 2015)

The core idea of negligence is that people should exercise reasonable care when they act by taking account of the potential harm that they might forcible cause harm to other people.

(Fein man, M. 2011)
Negligence can be defined as a failure to take reasonable care or steps to prevent loss or injury to another person. Negligence is when a nurse who is fully capable of caring does not care in the way a reasonably prudent nurse would, and as a result the …show more content…

(Fein man, M. 2011)

According to the American Nurses Association, a nurse “promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient. Negligence of the patient cause direct effect on patient mental health. The proper care of the patient is very important for treatment. Therefore staff should provide care to the patient, so patient not attempt suicide or harm himself. (American, N.A,

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