Therapeutic Nursing Intervention Case Study

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Therapeutic Nursing Interventions
The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences NUSC 5961 syllabus defines therapeutic nursing interventions as “purposeful, goal-directed, theory-based activities aimed at assisting individuals, families, groups, and communities to promote and restore maximum health, or death is imminent, to provide support that will help the person die with dignity. These activities may include, but are not limited to, psychomotor/psychosocial components.”
Criteria related to therapeutic nursing interventions include:
• Employs diagnostic reasoning skills, evidence-based practice/theory in the application of therapeutic nursing interventions.
• Develops therapeutic nursing interventions which may impact healthcare outcomes …show more content…

Furthermore, my case analysis reveals that nurse leaders should appreciate individuality, and most importantly, regardless of the type of interaction, we as humans’ desire, feeling valued, especially by an organization, which can empower individuals. Therefore, applying The Quality-Caring Model© by Dr. Joanne R. Duffy effectively addresses the global issues of job satisfaction and nurse retention, which in turn, can have a significant impact the healthcare outcome for individuals, families, populations, and/or …show more content…

Therefore, my PowerPoint presentation demonstrates how the human caring concepts of providing basic personal needs, creating a healing, caring environment, solving problems mutually, respecting all people and appreciating individuality can be applied to all forms of therapeutic nursing interventions in areas of practice, education, and administration.
Develops therapeutic nursing interventions which may impact healthcare outcomes for individuals, families, populations, and/or systems (i.e. rural and underserved areas).
My PowerPoint demonstrates how the concepts from The Quality Caring Model © can facilitate the provision of quality patient care by using therapeutic nursing interventions. Most notably, the research and the creation of my PowerPoint demonstrates how this model investigates exactly how therapeutic nursing interventions can be measured for their effects on patient outcomes using experimental designs, which has yielded favorable outcomes.
Incorporates human caring values, ethical principles, cultural and spiritual sensitivity in all aspects of therapeutic

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