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Module 3 (Week 3) Part Three: Community Health Nursing Intervention Directions: Please complete the following information on this template. If you do not use this template there will be a 10- point grade penalty per assignment, and you will be required to resubmit within 48 hrs. You may increase the size of the blocks on the template by continuing to type within each section. Use as much space as necessary to provide your answers. Introduction: Purpose of the paper, synopsis of community, two CHN diagnoses with supporting evidence, for example, observations, reports from Key Informants and Statistical data. Remember to cite sources as appropriate. The purpose of paper will be to define a community health-related issue in Zellwood, Florida. …show more content…

CHN Diagnosis/Problem you selected: Risk of alcohol abuse among males in Zellwood related to poverty indicators, unemployment rates, and observations of drinking during the daytime. 2. Why did you select this problem? Provide your rational for selecting this problem in 1-2 comprehensive paragraphs (Consider the problem priority criterion on page 417 Box 18-5). Provide supporting community and scientific/authoritative evidence, for example, Healthy People 2020, CDC, AHA, other. Remember to cite sources as appropriate. Risk of alcohol abuse was chosen because the community is aware of the problem and understand the severity of the outcomes if the problem is unresolved. The community health nurse, and but other community workers can help resolve this problem. Alcohol is the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. ("Publications | National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism | Alcohol Facts and Statistics," n.d.). This may be due to socioeconomic status. As stated in the article, socio-economic status and problem alcohol use: the positive relationship between income and the DSM-IV alcohol abuse diagnosis, “discusses the relationship of alcohol use and lower socioeconomic status. (Keyes & Hasin, …show more content…

This can be one or two brief paragraphs. Remember to cite sources as appropriate. The risk of alcohol abuse in Zellwood, Florida related poverty, and unemployment rates is extremely high as compared to the state and national level. From my assessment and personal communications, it became relevant that there was a significant problem in this community. My research showed that there was a correlation between poverty level and alcohol abuse, as stated in the report Understanding the relationship between poverty and alcohol misuse. (Jones & Sumnall, 2016). Community Health Nurses (CHN) can provide recommendations and implement programs that will meet the needs of the community. One of the most effective tools is education, utilizing media with a focus on prevention and treatment will help with this growing problem of alcohol abuse. Also, by emphasizing the roles of families, friends, businesses, faith, and communities in helping with the health-related issue will help with a positive outcome.

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