Examples Of Social Disparities In Harlem

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The two main courses that I have taken and I am applying at my internship are social disparities in health (COMHE 306) and community health assessment (COMHE 411). Working with the youth in Harlem, l use my knowledge gained in COMHE 306 class. For example, I deeply understand that our health is influenced by numerous components in our daily lives. However, there are a few factors that influence our wellbeing more than others. Health is more dependent on the distribution of wealth and public services than it is on an individual way of life decisions. Working with the youth in Harlem, I experience socioeconomic, environmental, and cultural factors that influence and lead to health disparities and health inequalities in Harlem. In COMHE 306 class I learned that socioeconomic inequality is one of the most important indicators of poor health. …show more content…

For instance, people with higher incomes have more opportunities to live in safe and healthy homes, better communities, and near high-quality schools. They are also generally better able to purchase healthy foods and afford time for physical activity. For example, Harlem community does not have many markets with fresh vegetables and fruit, providing inhabitants with convenience stores selling fast food. In order to buy a fresh food, Harlem residents have to travel long distances or pay high prices for wilting fruits and vegetables. When taking COMHE 306 my final assignment was to write annotated bibliography based on 15 articles, this assignment helped me to understand deeply health issues in Harlem due to the fact that my paper was based on health disparities of Hispanics in health. In addition, I had secondary data before I start my

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