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Community health assessment (CHA) is a systematic examination of the health status indicators of a specific population that is used to determine key issues and assets in a community. The main objective of community health assessment is to establish plans to address the community’s health needs and issues. Variation of tools and processes, community engagement and shared participation are utilized to conduct a community health assessment. According to NACCHO (n.d.b), a CHA can be used to answer the following questions for a community: “What are the health problems in a community? Why do health issues exist in a community? What factors create or determine the health problems? What resources are available to address the health problems? What are …show more content…

As discussed, Health Zone 1 is the zone that is in dire need of healthcare and should be the main focus in the county. By providing the necessary healthcare in this zone, the overall County will have a decrease in healthcare costs. Health Zone 1’s limited access to healthcare causes residents to utilize emergency rooms. Government funded health care should be provided free or low cost to this population. Jacksonville will need to evaluate opening up more grocery stores in Zone 1 in order to promote healthier lifestyles which can then provide more job opportunities in this area. Encouragement of active lifestyles by implementing walking and biking trails can aid families to prevent diabetes risk. Free diabetes screening at grocery stores and public locations such as libraries can help detect diabetes early. More importantly, these residents need to be provided of these healthcare screenings so that they may attend. Another idea would be incorporating health screening buses that comes to community weekly. A way to announce these screening whether in person or on buses would be through post card mailings, the news, and even social media. With all the healthcare ideas and opportunities, Duval County can then hopefully reduce morbidity and mortality deaths from diabetes in the following

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