Argumentative Essay On College Drinking

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The Higher Education of Drinking College is a place for higher learning. It is a time when young adults are exploring themselves as individuals, expanding not only their academic horizons but for many, it’s their first time being on their own socially. Young adults find themselves making many decisions. These choices involve attending class, completing assignments and possibly engaging in behaviors that could impact their own personal health and safety. Sometimes they are faced with decisions that involve the use of various substances including alcohol. Some might say that the use of alcohol is common place and nothing more than a stepping stone in the ritual of being a college student. The problem is the consequences of binge drinking and excessive drinking should not be accepted as “ritual” or common place. Some consequences are extremely problematic and not only impact the individual but have lasting consequences for the college environment in a global sense. …show more content…

Individual students were noted to be missing classes, failing classes, taking longer to graduate, and some were dropping out of school all together. In addition there was an increase in campus reported crime rates including physical and sexual assaults. There have been numerous reported deaths due to over doses which include alcohol consumption. In 2013 it was reported that over fifty percent of students reported were drinking on campus and over thirty percent reported they were engaging in binge drinking (College Drinking Statistics). Binge drinking is defined as when an individual consumes five or more drinks during one occasion and the reported blood alcohol level is reported above a .08. The reported issues that accompanied most drinking appeared to be associated with those individuals that were engaging in binge drinking not just ongoing

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