Argumentative Essay On Teenage Drinking

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Jennifer Ortiz Ms.Frandsen English 3, Period 5 6 February 2018 Underage Drinking Drinking can cause severe damages to ones body. Juvenile drinking started in the colonial times since kids and babies drank alcohol as part of their diet. Now a days alcohol is one of number one drugs picked by teenagers. Even though most teens drink alcohol to feel socially ease, calm nerves or stress, or simply just to drink; their putting their life at risk. In others words, teens should not be permitted to binge drink in any kind of situation. Underage drinking causes your body to have a long term negative effects. According to the article “Teen Drinking Ups Risk for Liver Disease Later,” there are 493,000 deaths worldwide yearly due to alcohol-related liver cirrhosis. This show how alcohol not only can cause damage to your liver but it can end your life. In the article “90 hospitalized for severe intoxication at Chance the Rapper show in Hartford,” “...90 people were hospitalized for excessive drinking during the concert...” Chief Brian Foley informed Hartford courant that many of the severe intoxicated concertgoers that were retreated from the concert were teenagers. This demonstrates how teen can get landed in the hospital for long terms because the over abused alcohol, which can cause damage to their liver or if not attend on time they can end up six feet underground. When teenagers go out to parties the result would usually be them driving back home drunk since they do not want

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